What Is Love

Love is that feeling which has an ability to make any person a poet. Feeling of love is so special as nothing like this exist in life. At least one time in life of every person love touches with its soft hand and you become more beautiful and near to nature.


Every thing around you looks pretty and you feel happy from the inside. In this world everyone wants to be loved from childhood to old age. Every moment we want some one who listen to us and share every sorrow and happiness of life. Love is a promise in two people to give each other pleasure and stay together in leaps and bounds of life. Lovers may have to face pain and hurdles but cant stay with out each other.

I love you

Romance, love, care keep people young, fresh and happy and because of it they keep people around them happy and smiling. Its a good gesture of life. When we are in love we find ways to speak out and talk about our experience of this wonderful feeling. For a strong and long lasting relationship it is necessary to let our love know our feelings and emotions. We must express our inner feelings to our loved ones.

Without communication we are just like close boxes which is filled with fragrance of love but has no way to spread its fragrance. Love needs words and words need arrangement. Love poems are the example of beautifully arranged words. The shortest way to express the love is just saying, “I Love You”.

The effective way to express yourself and show your true love is love poem.

what is love