Find Your Love

People wonder what love is

and how does it begin

I wonder why it hurts so good

and why it has to end

It sometimes brings you lots of pain

It comes from deep in your heart

It brings you kisses in the rain

with the one you shall never part

You become curious of how it feels

you wonder why its there

trust me, love it has is heels

but many things to share

it gives you those feelings deep inside

that soon will fade away

People say they want it so bad

but its never set and stone

People never realize what good they had

until that love is gone

If and when you find this love

hold onto it tight

because its a gift sent from above

Youll know just when its right.

A Cute Love Poem By Cailey Holcombe(Visitor).


Great Collection Of Love Poems From Buddy With Love.

Its My Life

I am laying in this empty bed

in this empty room

with many thoughts rushing through my head

and feeling all this gloom

Tears begin rolling down my face

I can hardly even think

I never can get any space

or even room to blink

I am hardly able to get sleep

because I blame myself

many thoughts I always keep

I keep them to myself

I am just a 15 year old

with so much in my head

so many things i havent told

I leave it all unsaid

No one sees it how I do

That is why I stay mad

No one pays me attention to

and it pisses me off so bad

My best friend is all I got

she is always there for me

she pushes me when i have a shot

and is stubborn as can be

My daddy was my only fear

but also my best friend

I wish that he could still be here

Though he’s with me till the end.

A lovely sad poem by Cailey Holcombe(Visitor).


Sweet Collection Of Sad Love Poems From Buddy With Love.

Love Is Blind

When I think of how we met

the love we never thought we had

Feelings that were hidden

the fire that burnt inside our hearts was held in prison

like Nelson, for no reason…

When I remember how I held back my tears

For your ears couldn’t hear the sound of my voice

trying to reach for your heart

Yes! Love is blind, you were blinded,

By the blindness of love being blind

For you could not see the love

I had for you…

Cute Love Poem By Boitshepo Hollyness Rankhumise(Visitor).


Heart Touching Collection Of Love Poems From Buddy With Love.

Enlighted Love

When our thirsty eyes met

There was a shiny little spark

I felt, enlighted love

So I really wanted to ignite

the spark between us

I really wanted to stand

beside you

I wanted to tell you

I think about you all the time

Wanted to share all the feelings

I know its a true love

With no artificiality

With no greed

Just you and me

And no other

Our love is a survivor

If we die

It will live

in people hearts and mind

And Live Forever.

A Nice Love Message By Luke(Visitor).


Sweet Collection Of Love Messages From Buddy With Love.

A Love Story

A love story is what we share,

no other love could ever compare.

we have a love so true, a love so divine.

one so perfect, one that will last for all time.

no one can make me smile like you,

especially when i’m sad, you don’t stop until i do.

I can’t wait for our nights looking at the stars & moon,

I can’t wait take to take trips & sing a tune.

you make me feel so safe & secure.

we share a love that’s grand and sure.

I will always love you so deeply for the rest of my life.

I am ready now to say i do and become your wife.

so take my hand, take me away, this step with you, i am ready to make.

Sweet Love Poem By PRISSY ANN(Visitor).


Heart Touching Collection Of Love Poems From Buddy With Love.

Endless Feelings

Wasn’t looking,

wasn’t searching

don’t know why

our paths combined

but it really doesn’t matter

like space and time

this could be endless

just don’t leave me friendless

we were just kids on a playground swing never thought

I’d feel this crazy thing

looking back on past memories

now, looking forward to future destinies hearts finally filled

had to admit it

will you permit it

everything changed like the seasons

never thought of the reason

for summers day heating

it’s an awakenin


when fall comes

so will I fall

to the arms of a friend…

A Cute Love Poem by Jewlia Ramos(Visitor).


Heart Touching Collection Of Love Poems From Buddy With Love.

With Out Life

Walking Around One Day

Everything Seemed Dull Without Life

Yet Out Of The Corner Of My Eye

I Saw Something Beautiful And Bright

A Smile That Dazzled Everyone

Some Eyes That Got Me Lost

A Soul That Worked With Mine

The Heart I wanted Most

Nothing Ever Seemed The Same Once That Question Was Asked

I Answered Truly To My Heart

That Yes You Would Be Mine

I Will Never Regret Meeting You

Much Less That Question You Asked

My Heart Belongs To You

Im Incomplete Without You

And Even If Sometimes It Doesn’t Seem True

I REALLY Do Love You…

A Sweet Love Poem By Abby Zombella(Visitor).


Cute Collection Of Love Poems From Buddy With Love.

Block Of Ice

Through all that hurts,

Through all the cries,

my heart still cant say goodbye,

You hurt me once, then you hurt me twice,

but I still think your cute and nice.

Even though you tricked me through,

then pulled me back beneath your shoes,

I have no questions, I have no doubts,

Even though you kicked me out.

Wait!, I’m  still so confused,

you say you love me, and I know you do,

but why do you treat me like never before,

People think I must be blind,

But both my eyes are working fine,

They say that you are using me,

I always shake my head in disbelief.

I know our love is a block of ice,

but I think your cute and kinda nice.

Then I woke up from my dream

I saw your true face and screamed

You dont deserve me you stupid guy

I was a run way for you to fly

You’ve played me like I was a game,

and in return I’ll do the same.

A Nice Sad Love Poem By Aerial M. (Visitor)


Cute Collection Of Love Poems From Buddy With Love.

Empty Heart

You can see

But you dont know

May be you dont need to know

Yet, you dont want to see my pain

But one day you will realize

When that pain will change your life

Your heart will lose every beat

Your lips will forget to smile

Your hopes will leave you alone

I am alone

Wish to have some one

I know I cant

So I am screaming

With hopeless mind

And empty heart

Why me…

Why not every one is like

What it seems they are.

Nice Poem By Sharon(Visitor).


Nice Collection Of Sad Love Poems From Buddy With Love.

Your True Love


I found you

I found my life

My days and nights

are for you forever

My face reflects the

light of joy and happiness

I feel your love

in the palm of my hands

When you hold my hand

With extreme passion

and I wrapped it all around me

It feels like magic

Like a romantic poetry

Like a blessing of God

I want to keep it

With me forever

I am the only

one who found

your true love

All my loneliness

And crying

has been grounded

Now my heart is

truely smiling


My soul has been



Sweet Collection Of Love Messages

From Buddy With Love.