Like A Candle

Like a candle bright yet dying

Each day with you is not worth trying

Seconds pass when your not here

I can feel your love so warm and near

I cant take the seconds passing

Its more like days of dying

I make it last with time and time

All I do is close my eyes.

Nice Poem By Marina(Visitor).


A Cute Love Poem For Him

Who can I be without you

You take care of me when i am sad

You say I love you and I know you mean it

I will never be anything without you

Before you I was lonely and depressed

but with you i am very happy

If you go, I dont know

What would I do

But I know

I love forever and always…

Sweet Love Poem By lukas wilson(Visitor).


Great Collection Of Love Poems For Him From Buddy With Love.

Without you My Love

Life became very Hard

When I was without you,

I dont understand

Why i fall in love with You,

Whatever it is but

I know you will come back for me,

You cant forget my love

and I cant forget you,

Some day you will come and say

I Love You…

A Sweet Love Poem By Pravin Kad(Visitor).


I Love You

I think about you when you here

Gazing in your eyes once near

Your laughter can break my clouds

Your smile is like an endless pleasure

What I make of you isnt just love

Its my love for thee.

A Cute Love Poem By Marina(Visitor).


Heart Touching Collection Of Love Poems From Buddy With Love.

I Am The Mirror

Love upon faith,

To believe it will never fade.

Time in pieces around my feet.

My heart open for everyone to see.

Blood running at the speed of light.

Through every vein to be thine.

Sorrow soaked in my soul.

Your pleasure to uphold.

Disbelief in what I see

For this can’t be.

The window to my soul opened

And there you begin.

How ugly! Isn’t that sickly?

For who would love a beast like that?

For who would ever love a monster like that?

I stand soaked in the salt of pain.

But you all see me as the same.

A monster!


So let me be a monster

And let me do it here

Now try and bring me down!

You can’t fight me

I’m the mirror.

You are I

And I am you.

Amazing Poem By Clora Marie Tolbert(Visitor).


Sweet Collection Of Love Poems From Buddy With Love.

Dream Of You

A Dreamer In Me

As I walk down the woods

I feel as our hand touch

The touch gives me a sense

of belonging in your eyes…

As I think of you in dark night

The mere presence of you

in my thoughts …

takes me away to a new world

where I just dream of you…

A Cute Love Poem By Suman Arvind(Visitor).


In My Thoughts


in my thought of disparity…

I look upto you..

My soul drenched in fear

My wail  nobody could hear

the day…the night…

the time…the season

as if…nobody’s concerned

as if…i dont exist in this universe…

but…you have always been there…

to touch… heal…..

to make me feel..

that you do exist

in my thought of disparity….

Sweet Sad Poem By Suman Arvind(Visitor).


Amazing Collection Of Love Poems From Buddy With Love.

I Love You Poems For You

I Am Nothing

You enlighted my heart with the spark

 You gave me something to see

Something to smile, something to accept

Before our eyes met, my life was a regret

There was sadness and loneliness

Then you cross the line

Broke in my heart…

You are the one I kissed

You are the one I made love.

Without you…

I was nothing

I am nothing

I will be nothing.


Love Is True

I might tell lie for love

But my love is so true

I keep you in my heart

In my mind and in my thoughts

Your my inspiration

Your my passion

Your my everything

I will always love you


Our Love Is True.

A Nice Love Poem By lukas wilson(Visitor).


Heart Touching Collection Of Love Poems From Buddy With Love.

New Love Messages For You

When you chose me

You chose me to love,

To be my friend

To be with me forever

I may not be the best person

But I think I have the best heart


Thats why you chose me

To Love…


When I saw you

I saw my life before my eyes

Before I saw you

It was loneliness and

A sadness around me

When I saw you

My life has started again

I saw you and me

Turned into us

And our strangness

turned into love.


Best Collection Of Love Messages From Buddy With Love.


You smile when the cam goes click

The sad thing is you know your reality isn’t like this

When the cams gone

and all is finish and done

you go back to being unhappy


Hating your life  because nothing feels right

You feel like your always get in a fight

Defending who you are or where you have been

because people think you live in sin
Hoping if you change, people will love you

and not frown at everything you do

all you want is to feel loved and safe

and be in a happier place
Then someone gets the cam out

reality is put aside

and you smile, altho your dieing inside.

A sad Love Poem By Sarah(Visitor).


Great Collection Of Love Poems For Him From Buddy With Love.

I Will Be Here

I will always be with you forever

I will be here if you get sick

I will be here if you are mad 

I will be here if you are sad

I will be here if somebody dies

I will be here if we broke

I will be here if the sun blows up

I will always be here no mater what

I love you.

Cute love poem by Lukas Wilson(Visitor).


Its Our Love 

I have saw you

It was the will of God

I have loved you

It was the voice of my heart

I have married

It was my destiny

We have children

Its our love

I have a happy life

And It is just

Because of you.


Famous Collection Of Love Poems From Buddy With Love.

Its My Love

When I Think Of You

A face as fresh as the morning

Teeth as bright as the sun

Skin that humbles the fairest of maidens

Thats all I see when i look at you

Touch as soft as velvet

Love as sweet as honey

Smile that tames the wildest heart

Thats all I feel when I think of you.

Sweet Love Poem By Nsi(Visitor).


A Sad Poem For You

Why do I love you

When all I do is cry

How can I love

After facing many lies

I sometimes look at you

And whisper in my heart

Why this happen this way

Why do we both choose separate ways

I gave you the key

Key to unlock my heart

You used that key

opened my heart

And after some time

You have opened my eyes

With all your truth and so called love.


Heart Touching Collection Of Love Poems From Buddy With Love.

The Sweet Magic Of Night

When I look up at the moon I smile,

Because i know you are too.

When the stars shine,

I think of the way you looked at night.

Night was when all the magic happened,

underneath the grace of the moon,

and the sweet song of the stars.

Together we fell under the spell of sweet romance.

And shared the moon and the stars together.

But a beautiful eclipse happened,

and now the spell is broken.

Every night they rise together,

waiting for us too lovers to fall for the magic

of the moon and the sweet song of the stars.

But that magic shall never happen again.

For we grew closer by the sun,

And farther away by the moon.

In times we could had spent together,

under the glowing moon, we spent apart.

We still share the magic of night.

Just miles apart with our blinds sometimes pulled shut,

So we can pretend that we weren’t once lovers,

under the magical spell

Of sweet romance,

And the sweet song of the stars.

An Amazing Love Poem By Sabrina(Visitor).


Heart Touching Collection Of Love Poems From Buddy With Love.