For My Daughter

As I stare at her

When she sleeps

I wonder how I got so lucky

to be her mother.

I rub her hair

as she sucks her thumb

smiling as she sleeps

wondering what dream

she is thinking about

and my heart melts

as I look at her little face.

How amazing this feeling is,

The feeling of motherhood,

love something so pure, so small

more than my own life.

A smile that makes me smile

After having a bad day

her laughter changes my whole world

she is my life my best friend

and I will too keep her safe and loved

she is my Katlein… My Daughter.

A Cute Love Poem By Shelly wild(Visitor).


Sweet Collection Of Love Poems From Buddy With Love.

My Destiny

I was desperate when I was alone

Nothing seems to be good

I used to hate the same world

Even thinking of dying soon.

But it was out of Ignorance

Since you came in my life

The life that seems to be bitter

Become like a glitter

I am even willing

to live 50 more years

I couldn’t understand love

But now it rings a bell in me

Your specialties are known by

Myself when we spend time together

You are the shinning star

The Hero of Heroes

Hoping you were created for me

Wishing I could get you from the beginning

You are my everything

which means you are my destiny.

Sweet Love Poem By Banonie Mwale(Visitor).


Amazing Collection Of Love Poems From Buddy With Love.

Love Poem For My Sister

Not only you are my sister

you are my friend I can tell you anything when I worry.

I can tell you when im scared

and your always there to listen to my story.

I can tell you when I am so happy

and your always there with a smile to hug me.

I can tell you when im so mad

when life doesnt give me a break and make me sad.

I can tell you my deepest secerts

when noone else knows but us.

I can tell you my crushes my hates

my wants, my needs, my faults and of bad fate

I want to thank you sis for being there

more than a sister

you are the north star in the sky

and when you ever feel lost

just look up at the night sky

and ill be there to help you back

I love you sis…

A Cute Love Poem From Shelly Wild(Visitor).


Sweet Collection Of Love Poems

My Heart Cries

I write you these words but I m shy

Can you listen to my heart when I cry

I wish I can omit

The big hindrance between you and I

I am now tired as my sufferings are high

Every time I see you,

I see you in sky

You ignore my feelings I dont know why

Cant you see my love, feelings in my eye

I am sitting having tears in my eye

Anxiously waiting and waiting for your reply.

Cute Love Poem By Adel Rebhi(Visitor).


Love Poem On Friendship

Friendship is an enigma….its a sensation…a bond.

Where you care for your friend…

Friendship is trust…..

Friendship is giving….

Neither complain nor compromise…

Its an understanding …..among friends…that stays…


Sweet Love Poem From Suman Arvind(Visitor).


Heart Touching Collection Of Love Poems From Buddy With Love.

We Are Strangers

My dreams had turned into nightmares.

My once happy reality had become a misfortunate fantasy.

What is the truth actually meant lies, and if lies meant nothing but misery and despair?

If the word “goodbye” hurted you, would you die if he says “its over”?

As the deafening words run through my head

The piercing sounds break my heart

I guess they’re right, I am always going to get hurt.

When i walk past you, you act as if I’m another stranger.

Well I guess now we’re just strangers that will never meet again.

Cute Love Poem By Kona(Visitor).


Nice Collection Of Sad Love Poems From Buddy With Love.

Open Your Eyes

You need to hold some one who say and think only your name

Even if the one walking by is the hottest dame


You need to let him go… You need to let him leave…

Cos the one to make you feel special, he’ll never be…


When people tell love is blind but sweet if you say you could see…

When the truth is you kept yourself blind and lies you chose to see…


You gladly gave your world on a gold platter…

Even when all your ambitions and dreams he shattered…


He is a coward and you are bold…

Maybe that’s why he never saw the sparkle… In his hand he had gold…


When you say you were meant to be together…

When your life he made it like a paper going down a shredder…


The one to keep you happy he’ll never be…

Open ur eyes… Baby please see…

Amazing Poem By Sumit Khanna(Visitor).


Cute Collection Of Love Poems From Buddy With Love.

My Thought

I thought they were the best of friends,

and always had my back.

I guess that all just now depends,

cause they turned on me in a snap

I thought we were the perfect two

and that he was a real catch

Oh how i look like such a fool

to think we would have made a match.

To think i opened my heart and let him in,

for him to stab it with a couple thousand pins

and now that were done i dont give a fuck

I’ll wipe away my tears and wish him luck

A Sweet Love Poem By jazzy(Visitor)


Heart Touching Collection Of Love Poems From Buddy With Love.

Full Of Pain

He walks these halls

His eyes full of pain

A sorrow in his gaze

All big bad and tough

Inside him a deep dark pain

With his fist clenched

And his heart in a twist

Feeling alone all on his own

The secrets he hides

A side of him unknown

Just one girl he let in

He walks these halls

His eyes a brick wall

His heart a locked room

A brave young man

To hide away his pain

Scared that his life has come to end

When he knows it’s only just began

He walks these halls

Scared and unaware

Of the people who love him

He walks these halls

Quiet in a crowd of people

The glint in his eyes

He faces a different world

Each and everyday

Away from his painful home

Crying on the inside

Sorrow secrets soundless

Only I would describe him this way

Some would say he is a coward

Although I know better

His song is soundless

Only he doesn’t let it show

His eyes full of pain

All locked away….

A Sad Poem By Kylee Berkley(Visitor)


Famous Collection Of Sad Love Poems From Buddy With Love.


New Short Love Poems For You


It may just be tomorrow

you seem to be and yet

Alas yes unreachable.

Shall I keep trying to awaken

the fragrance in you

That which you loved

in those days where you readily smiled

and your heart was so big.

Now sleep gentle like the sun


claiming you

more and more

calling you to join

Is it time to fly home dearest?

A Cute Poem By Brigitta(Visitor).


Nice Shortest Poem

My love remains

as long as I live

My hope remains

As long as I breathe

My eyes remain open

As long as I see you


Sweet Collection Of Short Love Poems From Buddy With Love.

All Night In My Bed

All night in my bed

Just you darling

You are in my head

When ever I lay asleep

I see your face clear

With no cloths wear

I dream of you I swear

Never want to wake up

I like to sleep all night

I like to sleep all day

So that I see your face

And love you in my way.


My love for you

My love for you will never change

as long as i have you by my side…

You are the breathe i breath

you are my sunny day..

Just the thought of you,

My love! can change my entire day

you love me for me and

that is the only thing that matters…


A Cute Love Poem by Samantha(Visitor).


Sweet Collection Of Love Poems From Buddy With Love.