A True Lover

When lots of people start loving you,

You may get confused whom to love.

Just tell every one that u hate them,

Every one will go back,

but not the person who loves u truly.

What Is Life

If someone ask me…

What Is Life?

I’ll just come close to you,

Take your hand in my hand,

And then say!

My “Love” is my life.

My Love

I want your body next to me

Don’t know why, but it’s you I need

Never felt this way in my life

Never felt so good,

never felt so right…

Hope You Were Here

Love Poem

As the night falls
I need u in my arms
Not to show how much I LOVE YOU
Just to tell I am nothing without you

Though I m incomplete in day
But night makes me feel more slay
I lie awake on da bed
Just like a dead

Love Poem Heart

My heart throbs high
Wishing you were mine
Hope you were here
To see how much I care

I just ask for a gentle touch
And thats nothing much
Would give sweet pecks
To pink up her lips

Will kiss the cheeks
To take our love to peaks
Will garnish her body with my perspire
To fulfill my tarnished desires

Will tap her back n shake her a bit
To show my spirits
Will tickle her quick
Till her body quits

Will do everything
To show how much I miss
And will make her love
Like a dove….Like a cream on cake

Will close her in arms
To make her feel the heat
And to listen the heart
At pace it beats.

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