My Emotions For You

Why my heart stops when I see you,

Is this happening to me only or to you too??

My emotion for you is always the same

All my feelings for you is so real, it’s not a game..

Please give me a short look and stand by my side,

As I want to be yours once before i die

All the way I have to move in my life

I want you to be on my side…

I got many pains and my heart is broken,

I`ll be sorry for all what i’ve done

I want my perfect life to spend with you

And want a best complete end with you…

Amazing Love Poem By sakshi ghimire(Visitor).


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Sad Love Poem – Only You

I wish I could find,

One that make me feel right,

To make me feel like I was worth it,

To make me feel so special,

That it floats me off the top of the world,

But only you,

Made me feel this way,

Right off the top of the world.

You would not know how I feel,

And when I told you I love you,

And yet the whole world knew

I wish you knew

you knew how i really felt

And how I want to feel towards you,

But if only you didn’t hurt me,

I wouldn’t be in this punishment,

And I wouldn’t want to cry,

Just like I use to,

But may be,

Just may be,

If only you knew.

Love Poem By sabrina(Visitor).


Sweet Collection Of Love Poems From Buddy With Love.

You Never Came

I still remember that night

When we had a fight

You said you hate me

Suddenly I lost my sight

You got up and went away

My heart sunk in sorrow

And my eyes came out with pain

I thought you would come back

I wish you would have stayed

But you never came, never stayed.

Sweet Love Poem By Yhetti(Visitor).


I Was Dreaming

You know I cant smile

My happiness was for the little while

I was dreaming

I often hear the screaming

I could never forget

I can surely bet

Now this is the world of pain

with no shadow, with no place

Am I the only one you found

You found and let down?


Great Collection Of Love Poems From Buddy With Love.

My Empty Heart

Through the miles I still can’t see myself

without you in my heart.

Without you my heart would be empty

A stone with a coldness everyone can feel

But with your love and passion

My heart is as warm as the sunlight

Then everyone can see the love I hold for you.

Sweet Love Poem By Tricia(Visitor).



Tears run down my cheeks

When I think about you.

I should never said we were through.

I always try to say I am happy.

But I dont even know whats inside

I wish we were together.

But I knew it wouldnt be forever.

I think about your smile.

And your green eyes.

Wish we were not through.

Cause now I really need you.

Love Poem By Krystal K(Visitor).


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What I Have Done

I sit and think

what i have done

You wait for love and got none

All we have to do is tell each other

What inside us, and what outside

Its here we’ve been apart

about one year has passed

I am sad and missing you

I don’t know what to do

I wish you were still here

And I can love you more than before.

Cute Love Poem By Obrien(Visitor).


My Daughter

With the soft brown hair,

and the eyes like sapphire,

With the heart felt,

Cute little smile.

Seeing her smile

is my reason of joy

She loves to hug

likes to rub

her lips on my face

Her kiss tells me

She is glad

She is my daughter

My life, my laughter.

Sweet Love Poem By Shelly Wild(Visitor).


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Season Of Love

As blood splattered the wall

All she could do was fall

As life fell from her eyes

All I could see was the inside,

like bones cracked,

All I wanted to happen was to be slapped,

I felt like it was all my fault

I really wanted to be mauled

She had gone

All had gone

She was my friend

and always will be my friend…

Sad Love Poem By Kailey(Visitor).


The Season

It is the season

That makes me fall in love with you

It makes my heart shine for you

It makes me see the one,

The one I love

It is the season

That makes me smile

Makes me happy

And full of joy

Nice Love Poem By Shelly Wild(Visitor).


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Never Let You Go

Did you see how dark the skies were

when you said IT`S OVER.

Did you see how true your lies were

Did you see how hard I tried

to let you go…

to wish you luck.

Did you hear my heart cry

as you left me alone.

I have drown in my sorrow.

I guess u didn`t.

I guess wouldn’t…

Nice sad Poem By Innocentia(Visitor).


My Love

The laughter we once shared is no longer there

only tears and heartache left.

Why are we holding onto something long-dead?

Why do we keep on hurting each other?

Time to let go…

Time to set each other free

from the captivity of our dead love.

But Remember one thing

My love will again come to life.

Cute Love Poem By Innocentia(Visitor).


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Without A Soul

I feel like nothing I do Is right,

I just don’t understand,

I believe in love at first sight,

And go by everything that’s planned


Life is so hard without my dad,

I am only full of anger,

I didn’t know life could be so bad,

I am putting my life in danger


I fell for a guy I barely know,

And he did me like I’m used to,

Left me for this ugly hoe,

But I moved in like I’m supposed to


I cannot get him out of my head,

All his memories are here,

I think about us laying in my bed,

And begin to shed a tear,


I hate that I love him so much,

And now he is out my life,

His scent and memories close enough to touch,

All stabbing me like a knife


I’m learning things about life every day,

Including relationships, and bullcrap as well,

I couldn’t write it all down or know what to say,

Or conclude enough to tell,


My life is more difficult then it needs to be,

But I brush it off like dust,

I ask God sometimes “why are you doing this to me?”

Leaving me with no one to trust


I’m left on this earth without a soul,

My heart is full of hurt,

That hurt is just an empty hole,

Leaving me in the dirt


I need someone to hold me close

And tell me it will be okay,

Someone even to kiss my nose,

And know just what to say…

Amazing Sad Love Poem By Cailey Holcombe(Visitor).


Great Collection Of Love Poems From Buddy With Love.

Lost In Sorrow

I was lost in a painful sorrow.

Feel like nothing left tomorrow.

Wish it was my time to pass away.

Time to go to a heaven far away.

Climb up very high.

Into the night sky.

I’ll go up with no fright.

Until times come to comeback to light.

I wish there was no tomorrow.

So I didn’t live with all this sorrow.

Sad Poem By Kyle Lasky(Visitor).


Without You Daddy

I know I have to let you go daddy

I dont know how

I know I have to live without you daddy

I dont know how

I know I have to smile and laugh

Without you daddy

I know I have to let you go

so I will be happy and be the best person

I can be but the thing is I dont know if I know how,

without you…

Cute Sad Poem By Shelly Wild(Visitor).


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Sweet Fragrance Of Love

Whenever you imagine the face and fragrance of your loved one, you must feel very differently, Just like a cool breeze is passing, like a cute romantic music is playing by somebody, like sweet fragrance prevail everywhere. You definitely would try to expose this different and strange feelings differently. Love is just like poetry, and love poems are really a nice way to tell the story of your heart to its resident.

The experience of love is very unique, it can make you cry, it can make you laugh, it can hurt, even it can change your whole life. They are the colors of love, in a same way there are different modes of poetry too. It can be sad, happy, ironic, romantic etc.

You can select the suitable love poem according to the situation. There are romantic love poetry, sad love poems, love poems for him, short love poems for her, birthday love poems etc. These poems are actually the voice of your heart. The missing words you don’t know how to say to your loved one. Each word of these love poems is like a pearl in the sea and has the ability to convey all the emotions and feelings you can’t explain.

Life is too busy and everyone doesn’t have enough time to write or create love poems. We help you in this regard by creating a platform where you come and take whatever you like. We offer you the chance to submit your own love poem here. It’s a great way to dedicate your own love poems to your loved ones. We take it as honor to publish your poem by your name. So share your thinking and feelings with everyone.


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