Girl Like You Is Rare

My Love Poem For You

You helped me when I fell,

Pulled me out of that hell,

Held me so tight,

Told me everything would be alright,

You looked at me with those sparkling eyes,

Told me not to listen to all the lies,

I couldnt bare to think,

Of how much my life would stink,

If I did not have you,

because I love you,

No one will ever change my heart,

You own the only missing part,

My heart is not to share,

because a girl like you is so rare,

You are the one I truely love,

Its like you have been sent from above.

Cute Love Poem By Kyle Lasky(Visitor).


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Quite Like Me

You lied to me and said you care,

Yet you acted like I wasnt there,

You tour me apart,

Now I have a pain in my heart,

Give it time and you will see,

You’ll never find anyone quite like me

You’ll never know if I was your perfect guy,

Because you never gave me a try.

You treated me like no one

But the life must go on

Now asking myself to start new life

Live to smile and love to shine.

A Break Up Poem By Kyle Lasky(Visitor).


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Lovely Rain

The winter makes me cold,

The heat of summer, give me pain.

One second passes like one year,

I always wait, when come the rain.

When it comes, it makes me romantic

It fill romance in every thing.

Before the rain, i feel so lonely.

It makes cheerful all my day n evening.

O lovely rain, please stay all year,

and make my world green forever,

I always say thank you to you,

If u spread happiness everywhere.

Cute Poem By Gautam(Visitor).


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My Love! nothing matters,

but simple things

you bring to my whole being, my heart,

Just hearing your sweet voice sparkles, flares

that flows somewhere in my heart

Stars that twinkle in the night,

I’ll tried to hold on to you

Me hearing your name,

just driven me insane

I’ll Surrender my all and my Whole soul

Everything that matters for you and I

I tried so many times, when you’re gone and not here

When it been a short while

Missing your smile, you’re tender kiss and warmth

Being in your arms, wishing upon a star

shining bright you’re in my arms.

Amazing Love Poem By Mark A WILLIAMS(Visitor).

Sweet Collection Of Love Poems From Buddy With Love.

Make Her Fall In Love

When a woman falls in love with a man of her dreams, she really puts true efforts to attract and maintain the relationship. It is true that there is no language for love but the love itself, it’s a delicate feeling and delicate and sweet way to show love is to dedicate him love poems. Giving and dedicating romantic Love Poems makes your love and relation strong. Romance is a very fine color of love, you feel excitement, energy and love at the same time. Love poems blend together all these emotions into one beautiful sweet poem. Showing your love through poems makes it more pure and loveable, these poems also make your lover feel special.

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Love Poem – I Saw You

When I was walking in a way to home

I saw you coming from far away towards me

I was all over, When you came close to me

I was completely lost and just kept on seeing


After some days, I saw you again in the same way

My heart was full of joy and had nothing to say

The way we met was so hilarious and discomfited

I was glad at that moment but felt something not good


I didnt know what you are and where are you from

I didnt know how I control myself and my heart…

I hope you speak and smile one day

We will become friends and lovers that day…

Nice Love Poem By Sakshi Ghimire(Visitor).


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You Make Me Cry

Cute Poem For Lovers

If you take it

please don’t break it.

I gave it to you now

what are you gonna do now.

Don’t tell me a lie

Its just gonna make me cry,

Tell me the truth

Its not gonna hurt you,

Tell me you love

Tell me you care,

Tell me its not just for others to stare,

Now tell me the truth as you sigh


Tell me its all a lie.

Sweet Love Poem By Melissa Fulton(Visitor).


Love Poem – For Me

I know you are there somewhere for me

But my question is when will you come?

I can wait for you till my last breathe

Please tell me where are you coming from?


I can change every thing that I do

But I want my every desire fulfil from you

And you should be able to protect me…

From those people who harm and hate me too…


The day, you will come will be my happiest one

I want to feel it that soon as I say…

I am gonna tell this world how it feels

It will be so awesome feeling and will not be a deal…

Awesome Love Poem By Sakshi Ghimire(Visitor).


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Why Me?

I am looking for you to come

I can see you in shade and in shine too…

I feel that you are only the one for me

I feel all those things was for you that i do…


You are not giving any response to me

You act as you don’t know anything…

As you see, you feel nothing…

And being so impure and dishonest


You should give answers some day

for which I’m waiting from long…

I’ would act in the peculiar way

By knowing your answer and dedicate you a song.

A Love Poem By Sakshi Ghimire(Visitor).


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I Am Breaking

A Sad Love Poem

I’m sinking down, farther down

And I can’t seem to swim

You can’t see what you’ve done to me

Cause I’m breaking from within


My heart hurts now like never before

Falling apart from inside out

I open my mouth to scream for you

But you don’t hear my shout


Pieces of me, left behind

Everywhere I turn

I’d rather run and hide from it

Then stand and feel the burn


I was happy, for a while

But “nothing gold can stay”

I guess I should have figured out

That you would run away


Now my heart skips a beat

Every time I hear your name

And I begin to sink, farther down

Consumed by the flame


My stomach drops, my eyes tear up

I’m overwhelmed with pain

My anger builds, I hate you now

This love was all in vein.

Credit to Robert Frost

Sent By Emily(Visitor).


Cute Collection Of Love Poems From Buddy With Love.

I Am Waiting

I know you are not perfect

I know you are not so nice as I think

Then why is this happening?

please tell me what’s this?

why i feel all those things?

I know you are not that perfect man for me.

with whom i can share everything.

But why am I telling you all these things that I want to share…

you are not the one…

Why am I seeing dreams of you…

if you cant be mine,

stop coming in my dreams…

I know you are not so good…

Then why I am thinking you are the best

why am I mad upon you?

I am just waiting for the day when you’ll be mine…

I am madly, badly, just waiting for the day…

I am not so weak as you think…

That day will come…

I am waiting and watching…

Sweet Love Poem From sakshi ghimire(Visitor).


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