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Only Buddy - Part 4

True Heart

If the feelings are true from heart

they are hard to replace


you are the sweetest thing in my life

The loving heart in few caring hearts

I see the real face of me in your tears

I will never let them go away from my heart.

A Poem By Jon(Visitor).


Standing In The Dark

I am standing in the dark.

On the ground,

Lies splinters of my heart.

Does anyone care?

In the dark,

Nobody’s there.

Can you see?

Through all these years,

What you’ve done to me.

Night into day.

Feeling sick,

You say it will be okay.

“Someday you’ll be better.

And that time,

Your heart will be your shelter.

Give it time baby.

I promise,

It’ll be okay

Then your love,

kisses you on the lips…

A Love Poem By Clora Tolbert(Visitor).


Romantic Collection Of Love Poems

I Want Best Place In Your Heart

I feel very low and lonely,

I think only about you,

I want to share my everything,

Both my laughter and cry



Seeking your love,

Not by words and tears,

But by my sharing my life with full of love

I wanna have you around me,

When I am sad & mad,

You are my pal & all


After all these…

Can’t you understand that…

I love you and need you

In my all situations

All I need is



And begging to love me

With your whole heart, mind & soul.

Cute Love Poem By Stella(Visitor).



Lay there in the dark,


Drowned in tears,

but no one cared

because they all left.


In the spirit of hoping that one day

they will come back.

A Poem By Hafeezah Aldean(Visitor).

Broken Heart

I’m suffering from a broken heart

I don’t know when it all happened

But I do know when it started

I was a little younger than

I gave someone my heart

And ever since then I became heartless

Heartless to the world

I gave him my all

I gave him my world

I trusted him with my whole life

Then all of a sudden he switched his role

He started to change

Slowly but surely

He started to break me down

He made me feel less of a women

He didn’t love me

He pretended to be

Damn I ever gave him my virginity

Yeah I was naive

But don’t judge me

I’m guilty of the crime

The crime of being another innocent girl

Who was young and dumb

He left me in the cold

After that i felt worthless

All I wanted was someone to love me

As much as I loved him.

Nice Sad Love Poem By Jennifer(Visitor).

New Love Poems For New Lovers

Love Is A Burden

Love is a burden

that weighs down the heart.

Love brings pain to those

who take it lightly.

It avoids those who

hate it and mistreat it.

Love is here forever.

A Love Poem By Samuel Steele(Visitor).


I Loved Her

I loved her so much

She was in my heart

but now she flew away

like a flying bird

I couldn’t stop her

because she was so fast

So tears are in my eyes

n my heart is going to blast

In this matter of time

I don’t know which path is to choose

If there is feet

We can find too many shoes.

Poem By Nirajan (Visitor).

Sweet Collection Of Love Poems For Him

In Love With Someone?

Are you in love with someone?
Is this an amazing feeling?
Definitely you are seeking the interesting ways to impress him.
Its natural, everyone wants to be close to his/her beloved.
It’s a blessing of God when we love someone and we receive the same warm feelings.
Speak out whats in your heart, Its very important for the relationships. Its necessary, not only for you but him also. People are lucky who have someone to love. The love relation is just like a mirror you have to clear it every day so you can see a vivid image; the love poetry clear your heart so you can see your beloved face in your heart.

Though there are lot of ways to show love but the best way is to express your love through love poems for him. These poems are full of love and happiness. One special thing about these poems is that they absorb your love and when somebody read these poems; the warmth of your love will melt his heart. From far history to recent period love poems have been a famous and successful way to convey love message to your beloved.

The poets of these poems are also lovers, they know the taste of love, they know the harshness of being apart, that is the reason why these love poems for him are so attractive and sweet to read and listen. You can chose the love poem for him and dedicate it to on his birthday or wedding anniversary. But you can also send these poems on any occasion.

The flow and combination of words in love poems is remarkable. You will love and enjoy reading these poems. You can read couple of poems and write down your favorite poem. You can have your own favorite collection of sweet poems, which you can send and dedicate to him whenever you want. If you dedicate poem everyday still the charm and beauty of these poems will remain the same.

Cute Collection Of Love Poems For Him From Buddy With Love.

Why Love Poems Important

Love is the most meaningful and beautiful relationship between two souls. It is said that you do not have to express your love; it automatically flows from eyes, face, lips and smile. When you see someone with love in heart, he/she will understand it even if you say nothing. But when love is express through words, these words become honey, full of sweetness. These love verses especially the love poems are so much powerful and famous among lovers and other people. We cannot estimate the depth of these poems.

These poems are the words from the bottom of heart. No matter what means you use to show your love, it may be flowers, gifts, chocolates but when you add these love poems with them, not only the importance of these things become more but you are actually wrapping up your love in these poems and dedicating it to your beloved. Mostly lovers like to read and send these poems at special occasions like birthday, valentine etc but you can send these anytime you want. You do not have to wait for special moment because these poems will make every moment precious and special.

Writing poetry is indeed a God gifted skill, not everyone has this art of expressing their emotions in the form of poems. Many great poets have written these poems for lovers so they can win the heart of their beloved. It is also true that when you go deep in these poems and read again and again, these love poems inspire you so much that you try to write love poems by yourself. You can also take the concept from main poems and then try to melt it in your own words.

More Collection Of Love Poems

Weak Love

You see me standing here,

Your past life, your greatest fear,

Again and again, our eyes meet,

Only to be following by the running feet,

You coward, you fool,

I challenge you to a duel,

All the lies you’ve said to me,

Are my fuel of energy,

Come stand in front of my eyes,

Tell me the truth, before anyone dies,

See my fist, held at my side,

One hit from it, shall give you a ride,

Do you see, the scars you’ve made?

Do you see, my heart, weak and suffering from your previous raid?

Do you know, that I hate you so?

This is the reason, I permit you to go.

As I am strong enough to face you,

And to tell you what will never be true,

You leave me now, coward.

And return when you’ve learned love.

A Poem By Arabian Bride(Visitor).


Cute Collection Of Love Poems From Buddy With Love.


What is it, And what does it do?
Can it be cured, is there a way to beat it?
It’s an eating disorder, and it will kill you,
It can be cured, It takes time, there is a way to beat it

It ruins your insides and kills you slow,
It gives you a since of relief,
It ruins everything for you, and you as a whole,
It can even ruin your teeth

It’s the worst Of them all,
Killing a different way,
It’s no laughing matter or joke at all,
Many people die each day,

I have had this disorder since I was 12,
I lost 70 pounds in 5 months,
I still see fat when I look in the Mirror,
I’d rather die to get skinny then be fat

I’ve never been addicted,
But this is like a drug,
Something that could be afflicted,
And kill me like a bug

I’m dying each and every day,
I tell everyone i stopped,
I wanna believe it to my self today,
But I don’t have the heart to stop.

I’ve never met anything so easily opened up to,
Something I could easily cling to,
Someone I could get a sense of relief from,
But kill me at the same time

My body is weak like a wilted rose,
I bruise oh so easily,
I get dizzy and cold like I’m gonna faint,
And still have the urge to give into to this

If my dad were alive he’d beat my ass,
There would be no bulimia,
Better yet no me,
Because he kill the both of us for me

Never get started with this addictive Disease,
It will to take over you,
Take it from someone with experience with this disease,
This is what bulimia is.

A Poem By Cailey Holcombe(Visitor).


More Collection Of Poems About Life From Buddy.

A Sad Love Poem

Laying Here Silently In The Dark,

Holding Onto This Hurt,

Tearing Up Looking At This Mark,

Only Seen When I Lift My Shirt


Nothing Ever Goes Right For Me,

It Always Turns Out Bad,

I Wish A Guy Would Be With Me For Me,

They Leave Me To Be Sad


I Met A Guy I “Thought” Was The One,

All The Times He Lied,

I Wanted It To Be Different But I’m Done,

All The Days And Hours I Cried,


I Thought He Was Different Thought He Was Gold,

Maybe It’d Be Different From The Rest,

I Didnt Listen To What I Was Told,

It Was All A Game And Test


He Only Wanted What I Have,

Not What I Have To Give,

He Didnt Want Me For My Heart,

I Have So Much More To Live.

An Amazing Love Poem By Cailey Holcombe(Visitor).


Sweet Collection Of Love Poems From Buddy With Love.


Sisters are ones who are blood,

They are Best friends till death,

They are always there,

They never let you down


Sisters kill for you,

Fight for you, fight WITH you, lie for you,

They do things that get on your nerves,

You tell them to move out and you hate them,

They will still be there no matter what


Sisters are a pain,

They will be mean,

They will be fun,

They will be TRUE,


Sisters are what comes from the heart

They stick by your side,

Through thick and thin,

till death do you part,


Sisters can be hard to get along with,

They will do everything wrong,

Y’all will fight off and on,

Say things you don’t mean,


Sisters can’t help but love you for who you are,

You have to just love them back,

Ignore them at there worst times,

And give them the time of day


Sisters are annoying,

They will be loving,

they do what you DON’T want,

Sisters will be sister.

For My Sister Emily.

Amazing Love Poem By Cailey Holcombe.


Sweet Collection Of Love Poems From Buddy With Love.