Missing You And Your Words

When I get them everyday,

I want them to go away…

But when it really went away

I wish it came back again everyday…

But I know this is not the way

As it will get in your way…

I miss you and your words everyday

And I do not want them to go away…

It is really a tough way.

I know not which way

Is the right way…

But this is the only way

To live & walk the right way…

So as not to get in your way

It is the best way …

To make all the sweet memories go away.

Nice Love Poem By Carole(Visitor).

The Light Of Day

It was so cold in the light of day,
We just sat by the bay,
When he said,”we are done.” and walked away,
I cried and cried submerged in grief,
Oh how i missed him,how long I weep,

It was so cold in the light of day,
I thought i saw death coming my way,
Like a lone wolf longing for a mate,
I thought I lost a piece of me,
Now i encountered someone new and free,

It was so cold in the light of day,
Now I know it’s no longer that way,
He knows how i feel,
He’s so sweet and kind,
Now that i found him hes all mine.

Nice Love Poem By Jazmyn Holguin(visitor).

First True Love

You approach me differently and caught my eye.

You caught my attention, I don’t know why

You were so sweet, you made me smile.

My first real boyfriend, so romantic so wild

You took me on my first date,

And made sure I had a good time…

It was really great, just like old wine

I miss your true love,

I’ll never find anyone like you…

Only you are my first…true love.

I wont forget you, our past, our son,

the present, the future that has not begun.

One day I will have you, my first…true love.

Nice Love Poem By Elisha Zimmerman(Visitor).

Small Hope

Sitting here thinking for a while,

I cant ever seem to truly smile,

wondering when i might happen to die,

that and more is making me cry,

I promised myself that i could do better,

but i let myself down now my eyes and cheeks are getting wetter.

Just waiting for that one day to arrive,

when I can finally feel alive,

find a nice girl to hold me tight,

and whisper in my ear that everything will be alright,

but for now I cant sleep,

late at night I have to weep,

my heart feels heavy and my chest feels light,

I am not too sure I can make it through the night.

But I’ll fight my hardest too see tomorrow,

with small hope that someone will relieve me of my sorrow.

Nice Poem By Kyle Lasky(Visitor).


Tell Me Why

Please tell me why,

We don’t get along,

Everything I do is wrong.

We don’t talk any more,

You just walked out the door.

My life won’t be the same,

Its all my fault, its all my game.

All I do is cry

Because you said good-bye

Please tell me WHY…

Nice Love Poem By Debbie Bongiovanni(Visitor).


Cant You See Love

Stars cannot reach your heart

Love is above it all

You’re the key to the joy inside

Everything in my heart and mind

Why are you so insecure?

Why do you ask so many questions?

Do you only want me?

Do you care about me?

Do you love me?


What is love?

Love is what you are,

can’t you see?

Nice Love Poem By Ally Flores(Visitor).

I Will Remember You

There is not a day when I don’t think of you

and all of what you say,

Though you are far away,

but not too far from my heart,

You not only take my breath away

but stole my soul too

I could forget you..

but I chose not to

You showed me what love is

and the truth

You not only inspired me

but you do care too.

I am far away, so you could be free.

I give you space so you can breathe…

You will always be part of me.

I am glad I’ve known you

and most of all,

I’ve found you!

I will always remember you.

Cute Love Poem By Carole(Visitor).

Me Because Of You

All nights I just think of you!

There are no mornings wake up without your thoughts

You are not living at somewhere but

exactly in my heart and rule my soul!!!

I just forgot to forget you

you are far away from me not from my spirit!!!

I am the thing which you exactly hate,

though, you can feel the beat of my heart!!

you showed me what is life…

you teach me what is love…

you guide me till now….

you made me to love you and

you want me to keep distance…

but still my heart loves you and it never get off you!!!

All I wanna tell you is I Love You…!!!

Sweet Poem By  NagaPrakash(Visitor)..


All I do is grieve,

Late during the night,

Why did you have to leave?

Fading out of sight,


I see you everywhere I go,

Your always there with me,

But one thing I’ll never know,

Is why you had to leave me


Im all alone with nowhere to go,

I’m only falling apart,

The days seem to ease by slow,

And such a deep hurt in my heart,


What is supposed to be getting easy,

Seems only to be getting more hard,

I wish it could be that easy,

Like expressing through a card,


This is the hardest thing for me,

I am struggling so bad,

The thought of you not here with me,

Makes me very sad


I can’t finish my school work,

And my eating disorder hasnt one bit faded,

I go back to school in 2 weeks,

My entire heart is shaded,


I don’t sleep good,

My eating habits are bad,

I haven’t acted like I should,

You wouldn’t be to happy, dad.

Nice Poem From Cailey Holcombe(Visitor).

Lonely I Am

Words were few

Feeling were more

Pain in my heart

I could no more bore

Thirsty I was lonely among the world

Huge was the sea

Place was full but i knew no one here

Endless are my thoughts

Shallow is my mind

Tried to pen it down

but nothing i could write

I expressed it thoroughly

but no one could get it right

These were my few words

for endless are my thoughts

for lonely I was

& for lonely I am…

Submitted By Jay Baria(Visitor).

Love Blooms Just Like Flower

Like a flower,

love springs out without

a clue

The flower knows not

of the seed

But it grows from

the very seed it knows not

It matters not


The flower grows into a bud

and blooms into a budding flower

At the height of its bloom

it turns into a beautiful flower

But sadly, the flower bloomed for

just a short time

If one misses to appreciate while

it blooms, the same flower will never

bloom again twice

coz the flower has to fall of

from its petals one by one

or wither itself loosing its

scent & color

waiting to turn brown & decay.


Like a flower,

love blooms but

will never last forever…

Submitted by By Carole (Visitor).