Dead To Me

Dead to me,

Oh, restless disease.

From the black depths of despair,

You made me undergo ease.

For all of your death,

that you had a hold on me to take,

a shell of a man, that I forsake.

The way to recovery,

most times long and weary.

The stories of others dead,

grew cold and dreary.

For I always kept hope,

In the deep darkness of night.

Always had strength,

In turn weakened your fight.

Never to look behind,

for only further, I must go.

For in the darkest of places,

sometimes, a minute light will show.

Nice Poem From Dale(Visitor).


Sweet Collection Of Sad Love Poems From Buddy With Love.

I Missed Those Moments

With the eyes like sapphire

I fell in love with you

I was thinking of my dreams

That might not come true

I even had dreams

of me and you being together

It felt like I had you in me forever

I missed all the talks

We did when we walk

The meal we shared

The things you cared

The way my heart touched

To hear, “I love you so much”

I missed those moments

When I realized it was a crush

Oh! I smashed it in a rush.


Romantic Short Love Poem

Brighten up as sun

Lighten up as moon

My heart and soul

My inner and outer

Its you…

The one I most admire

And my heart’s greatest desire.


Sweet Collection Of Love Poems From Buddy With Love.

You Cant Say Why

I started adoring and feeling you

I dont know why and when

You could make me good or bad

You sometimes make me feel sad

I become so hurt and I feel empty me

When I feel that you no more need me

I fly so high when I see your face

And your songs take me to a special place

The touch of your tongue turns me on

And I feel like I am just born

You were and you are my best friend

And want to be your lover till end

I always adore your way you make me feel

Nothing in this world is more real

I give you my most precious piece

So that my I will go through peace

To make you mine I ll always try

Now you cant say why.


Sweet Collection Of Love Poems From Buddy With Love.

No One Came

It was cold outside

And I was sitting alone

At the dark site

I was surrounded

by the dark spirits

I didnt even know

I looked up the stars

hiding one by one

Snatching from me

Even last drop of light

I waited there

With wide eyes

For the prince of my heart


No one came for me

The shadows were scaring me

The darkness was haunting me

And no one was there to save me

May be it was my end

May be my life was ended there

May be I have left with my soul.


Cute Collection Of Sad Love Poems From Buddy With Love.

Painful Nights

In the memory of that face

I am sitting alone

Staring in the space

Smoking cigarette

without single blink

I have nothing to watch

nothing to think

How can I sleep

With all the pains

My heart keeps

I want to take you out

From my heart and head

There are alot to tell

Remains unveil, remains unsaid

All you have said and all you have done

Give me heart ache and severe depression

You are all I have got

But you left when I have shot

I didnt know you would leave me

Loneliness was painful and my only fear

Thats why I am break and sitting here

I wish we meet again like friends

And I never become alone till the end.


Sweet Collection Of Love Poems From Buddy With Love.

Wishes With Love

Tonite before you go to bed

I want you to remember that

There is someone who is missing

you and thinking about you

and wishing for you

I may not come to share

these beautiful moments

with you but

My words, my memories will

have never left you alone.

May you live a healthy

beautiful life.

Happy Birthday Darling.


A Special Birthday Wish For You

At night when I looked up

I saw a bright light across the clouds

It seemed like your face,

Then I pray for your each day to be very special,

for your success and health,

For all you dreamed for,

And for coming years

to be filled with happiness and fun.

Happy Birthday To You.


Sweet Collection Of Birthday Wishes From Buddy With Love.

I Am Lonely

Its You My Love

Some times I feel so lonely

Sit some where thinking of you only

Want to shout and cry with pain

People thought that I am insane

I am about to destroy myself

No one come to me to help

No one cares, trust or love

I am lost and feel so lonely

But in my heart, its you and you only.


Sweet Love Poem

Do you know where he is at night,

Whether if he’s worth putting up a fight,

Could he be the one to wipe away tears

Bring you to delight and take away your fears

Go to infinity waiting with no doubt

Never question what he is about

When you feel him you create a space

Knowing for a fact he was worth the chase.

Nice Poem By Jasmine(Visitor).


Nice Collection Of Love Poems From Buddy With Love.

Starting Today

Starting today,

Everything isn’t the same.

Our past is hidden in a shadow of shame,

Present day is corrupt,

Our future is messed up.

Starting today,

Everything isn’t the same.

Tears coming from your eyes,

hearts broken by surprise,

our love slowly dies.

Starting today,

Everything isn’t the same.

A Sweet Love Poem From Gavin(Visitor).


Borrow me your breath,

Borrow me your soul

but not for a minute…

Not for long

I’m insignificant.

My soul seems like raped

I need your help, need your fate

My heart is made of thousand nothings,

I’m only one breath away from what you looking for in me.

A Cute Love Poem From DBNzD(Visitor).


Nice Collection Of Love Poems For Him From Buddy With Love.

The Lost Love

The pain inside,

you cant describe,

when you see him, you could never say

that you loved him in everyway.

the lies, the wound, the risk of everything

in the end, what did that bring?

the thoughts of untruthfulness, and lost love

the things you didnt pray for from the Man up above

You gave him your heart and all that you could,

but what happened between us

Never should?

A Beautiful Poem By Mary Campbell(Visitor).


Me In Pain

Me in these pain,

thoughts of illussion.

Sleepless night crips me

Force me to live on edge

I love you so blindly.

O my dear you whispered in my dream

to think love was a joke

It hits me so vigorously

like a blow

I never dreamt but I did

and it was just a dream.

A Poem By Isaac Yao kwofie(Visitor).


Cute Collection Of Love Poems From Buddy With Love.

Painful Love

They say that the heart doesn’t feel

what the eyes doesn’t see

But we feel everything but yet we see nothing

And still we shed tears of promise

to hold on to that love cause our heart says to stay

cause it hurts much more when it says to let go

so we decide to stay wit that person and hurt each other

till one of us can’t take it no more.

A Poem By Kidd(Visitor).



When ever I show you love

The only thing you do

is to suffer and hurt me too


When ever I show how much

I care for you

You never pay attention


When ever I need you

You never hear me


A sweet Poem By Chatari(Visitor).


Cute Collection Of Love Poems For Him From Buddy With Love.