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Everyone is Beautiful – Love Poem

I’ve lied to everyone I know,
I’ve kept it all inside,
My eating disorder doesn’t even show,
It’s became easier and easier to hide,

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Who Can I Be – Sad Poem

Late at night as i lay in bed,
As many thoughts rush through my head,
I think about the weak and strong,
I question all the right from wrong,

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You Picked Me

You picked me up from the ground
showed me your love
helped me understand my life

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Life Is So Lonely

Why is my life so lonely
Seems like everybody i love or
get too close

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I Will Be Here

I will always be with you forever
I will be here if you get sick

Continue Reading —> I Will Be Here

I Am Lonely

Some times I feel so lonely
Sit some where thinking of you only

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For My Sister

Not only you are my sister
you are my friend I can tell you anything when I worry.
I can tell you when i am scared

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