My Dream Girl

If I’ll get the chance to tell

my most desirable wish to you

Its about my future wife

I wish to have a girl of dreams

I wish to have a life like breeze

The girl full of life, pretty face

I wish to have a chance

To kiss her, to hold her soft hands

I wish to love her at every glance

I wish I find the girl of my dreams

Before I die, before my desire screams.


Love Poem For Your Love Partner

I have been waiting for years and years

With the wounded heart and red blood tears

I have made love with a lot of girls

Once I have too many chances

I have gathered around the beautiful faces

But nothing good I have felt before

The feelings I felt by my own

You are the real one for me

My love, a passionate partner for me.


Sweet Collection Of Love Poems From Buddy With Love.

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