All I Ever Want

Whispering wind just passed me by,

it sang me a storm that made me cry,

is it only my love and me left alone,

with nothing ahead I have to see,

eyes seem to have turned into stone.

Why is it that I am feeling this way,

with you still here by me,

But is it because you seem too far away.

What has happened to all that love we shared,

Sometime you make me feel its still there,

and that you still do care,

for just the next moment

Why so you seem empty and hurt inside,

When we feel that we are meant to be,

Or is there something now you seem to hide.

Where is the magic that we felt in the air around,

I feel it draining away even when you are around.

Please tell me the wind got it all wrong,

that our love is still so strong,

I will be alive seeing you happy

that is all I ever want.

A Cute Love Poem By Subha(Visitor).


Sweet Collection Of Love Poems From Buddy With Love.

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