Sad Love Messages For You

Depression is like having a busted piece

of glass get stuck in your arm.

You don’t want to take the glass out

because you’re terrified of more

pain it may bring so you stitch over the wound.

What you didn’t know was that while the stitches

heal the glass digs deeper into your arm.

Slowly closing to your vein looking for the

fastest way to enter your heart and cut it so

deep it will always leave a mark.

Sweet Sad Love Message From Kona(Visitor).


Cute Love Message

I thought that you are mine,

But my heart was wrong oh how bad it was,

It’s very hard to know that you love someone

and there get a dry sea with out water,

Why the nature plays with us everyday,

Is it a way to break a heart,

I had thought that my love would give you strength

But what to do if my love was not enough for you.

Sweet Love Message From Rini Mathur(Visitor).


Touching Collection Of Love Messages From buddy with love.

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