It Is Not The End

Suicide is not the only solution

It not only hurts friends and family

but also many people die with that person

Some lost the only love they have,

Some lost their only hope of life,

Some lost their dear children

So just think that

It is not just the end.


Impressive Collection Of Suicide Poems

From Buddy With Love.

Good Bye

Cross my heart

And hope to die

I loved you but

You said goodbye

You want to be

With someone new

I guess I’m just

Too bore for you

You took my heart

I want to die

But I’m too scared

So I’ll have to try

Try to live the lonely days

Try to change my screwed up ways

So cross my heart

I hope to die

I love you but

You have said goodbye.

I Am In Darkness

I am

in darkness

and cold

I am thinking of committing suicide

I have always been alone

and never having any fun

I am thinking of committing suicide

I have the knife in my hand

and this note in the other

I am thinking of committing suicide

I just say my last words

‘this was fate’ and now

I am about to commit suicide

I have my last breath

and now I am dead

I have just committed suicide