With Out You

It may be possible for you,

But such a thing I can’t do.

What does the life mean without you?

What can i do without you.

Those moments God may not bring,

Without you how can i live.


Heart Touching Collection Of Sorry Poems

From Buddy With Love.

I Am So Sorry

The Most Sad Love Poem

I am so sorry,

It’s all my fault,

I am so sorry,

I don’t know what love’s about,

you must hate me,

now that we have grown apart,

I was afraid of pain,

I was afraid of love,

Why didn’t you force me to see,

that I was missing something special,

I’m paying for my mistakes,

and you have slipped through my fingers like sand,

My tears could fill up lakes,

Now how can I hold your hand?


Heart Touching Collection Of Sorry Poems

From Buddy With Love.

I Am Saying Sorry

You listen

When I want to say

You laugh

Even when my jokes are lame

You tell me what I need to hear

You give me space

Without me even asking

You ask how I really am

Even when I’m smiling

And let me know when I have done wrong

I’ll never go out of my way to hurt you

And I’m saying sorry now

Because I can’t be perfect

We’ll say things we don’t mean

But soon make it up to each other

Guess what I’m trying to say

I’ll never have another friend like you.


Sorry of being so possessive

Sorry of being so emotional

Sorry that I cry for you

Sorry because I can’t live without you

Sorry my friend I made you mad

Sorry darling you are so sad

Sorry for not giving you any happiness

Sorry because it’s my disgrace

Sorry for thinking of you so very much

Sorry I always miss your touch

Sorry of being so mad about you

Sorry for my every blue

Sorry of being so immature

Sorry now that can’t be cured

Sorry of being myself

Sorry that I’ve failed

I’m sorry and sorry again

Sorry of being insane

But believe me that I love you

Should I say sorry for that too?

Good For This World

When I walked in my room,

I thought she would be there

sitting on my bed,


But she was not

I could not stop cryin

I felt all the pain and

That no one could make it go away

That night when I fell asleep I swear I hear her whisper my name

Maybe it was a lesson I don’t know why

I felt like I was being punished

And since I didnt feel anything for her

It made me feel the pain by losing someone

I ve never done anything wrong

And she didnt either

She was just too good for this world.

I Know I Have Hurt You

I know I have hurt u

& do things I never thought I wud do

say things that u really don’t want to hear

I am the reasons for ur tears

I’m sorry for the all the bad things I put u through

I know I have done things to make u mad

But I promise you I will never forget the fun times we had

I find out u had never tried to hurt me

Just tried to keep me happy

until 1 of us dies I promise to keep loving you

& I promise no more hurting you

I thank you for never turning into something like me

But now dear for everything, “I am so sorry“.

I Am Sorry

I Loved you and I love u still

I always have I always will

I am sorry that i hurt u bad

I always think of what we had

I cry sometimes thinking you

U did not realise how much I needed you

Until me and you were through

I made big mistake please forgive me

Without you my life cannot be

I Am Sorry

I miss you so much I would rather die.

I don’t know what to do, I just can’t lie.

I really want to hug you and kiss you right now.

I really wish I can do it somehow.

I hope you feel that I really love you.

I wish you love me that much too.

I am sorry for the times

I have hurt you.