She isn’t Right For You

Why can’t you see the true her,
Can’t you see that she’s just using you,
Why do you wait for her night and day,
Can’t you see that she’s not the one for you.

Just let her go,
let her be,
let her leave you have me.
Just listen to me please.
Baby, I’m trying to tell you something,
I’m trying to tell you that she’s using you.
I’m trying to tell you that she’s trying to get you mad,
o why don’t you understand.
I’m telling you she doesn’t love you like i do..
She’s just playing with your heart
she has nothing else to do.

A Poem by Jasmin (Visitor), submitted on Sep 30, 2011.

Lost In Sorrow

I was lost in a painful sorrow.

Feel like nothing left tomorrow.

Wish it was my time to pass away.

Time to go to a heaven far away.

Climb up very high.

Into the night sky.

I’ll go up with no fright.

Until times come to comeback to light.

I wish there was no tomorrow.

So I didn’t live with all this sorrow.

Sad Poem By Kyle Lasky(Visitor).


Without You Daddy

I know I have to let you go daddy

I dont know how

I know I have to live without you daddy

I dont know how

I know I have to smile and laugh

Without you daddy

I know I have to let you go

so I will be happy and be the best person

I can be but the thing is I dont know if I know how,

without you…

Cute Sad Poem By Shelly Wild(Visitor).


Deep Collection Of Sad Poems From Buddy With Love.

Life Is So Lonely

Why is my life so lonely

Seems like everybody i love or

get too close

leaves me…

Who cares about the quiet girl back there

Who hears her when she pleads for help

There is no one to just listen

Just tell her she matters

Does anyone care that thoughts of leaving this earth

confuse her mind daily?

Cutting her, hurting her,

After that who knows

How does she hide it so well when everyone claims to know her

better then she knows herself

if that’s the case then how could u not see this coming

or did u ever even care???

A sad love poem by Anonymous (Visitor)


Romantic collection of Love Poems For Her from Only Buddy.

Nice Sad Poems For You

Monster In Me

Screams echo through my brain

Too loud to contain.

The voices scream

They shout at me

Just go away

Don’t look at me!

I cry I’m scared

to be the monster that’s inside of me.

The one that wants

to scream, to tear.

The blood starts flowing

now the monster cannot be kept still.

A Sad Poem By Madison(Visitor)


Missing You

My sun is sleeping,

My days as dark as my nights.

My soul longs for,

but the time is late.

Wish to sing but

My face is covered with tears.

Thinking of holding you tight,

But the thought only runs in my head.

My heart is empty,

My dreams are filled with you

But my sunshine has forgotten me.

A nice Sad Poem By Zeke(Visitor).


Amazing Collection Of Sad Poems From Buddy.

Who Can I Be – Sad Poem

Late at night as i lay in bed,
As many thoughts rush through my head,
I think about the weak and strong,
I question all the right from wrong,

I wonder who could i really be,
I think of what’s gotten into me,
I hang out with the entirely wrong crowd,
All these thoughts i am thinking out loud,

What is this life i am in?
My head is now beginning to spin,
I pace my room without a sound,
Walking in circles round and round,

All these questions i have to ask,
I can never finish a single task,
My heart is beating really fast,
Asking myself will this really last

Nothing i do feels like it’s right,
Even though i am very bright,
Why does it feel this way?,
The exact same thing every day

So here i am thinking in my head,
All the negative things i’ve said,
This is not the real me,
It definitely cannot be

Sitting here thinking for a while,
I find myself beginning to smile,
All these emotions i have to express,
Letting go of all this stress,

Sitting here in the rain,
Feeling all of this pain,
Like a flower i begin to wilt,
Holding onto all this guilt,

While falling asleep i begin to cry,
Thinking about how hard i try,
As I am beginning to find my way,
I think who am i today

Thinking about all the nights i cried,
Holding all these feelings inside,
Now getting all them off my chest,
Doing good, only hoping for the best,

My life is like a story told,
My heart is something that i hold,
It’s not something on my sleeve,
As many things as i achieve

I think about all the positive things,
Hurt feels like a big bee sting,
Life isn’t something I can find in a tree,
It’s only what’s inside of me

Late at night as i lay in bed,
All these thoughts rushing through my head,
I no longer think about the weak and strong,
Nor do i question the right from wrong.


A Really Nice Sad Poems By Cailey Holcombe(visitor).

Walk In Heaven

You always lived in hearts

It was black day with storm

God took you from us

No words can express this loss

We all become alone

May you walk in the heaven

May God hold you close

We always remember you

and always share your memories.


Heart Touching Collection Of Sad Poems

From Buddy With Love.

Eternal Rest

You are looking peaceful

Lying in the box with white face

Hand folding upon your chest

It seems that you are sleeping

And Looking really pretty

All your memories gather

around me dancing and singing

How can I forget your happy memories

Your smile, your love, your eyes

I want to see your smiling face again

but I am feeling so help less

As you are lying on bed at eternal rest.


Best Collection Of Sad Poems

From Buddy With Love.

Make Me Sad

You know that I love you

Miss you, care for you,

But you are so different,

You are just playing

games with my heart.

May be you do not mean

But whenever this happens

My heart become weak

These things make me sad

I really feel pain and bad.


Great Collection Of Sad Poems

From Buddy With Love.

Moon At Night

When moon rises at night

Tears fill my eyes

I feel a hole in me

I feel as  something missing

I feel lonely I feel sad

There was a time

we were happy and close

Now I want you to be here

I want to again be whole.


Heart Touching Collection Of Sad Poems

From Buddy With Love.

Tell Me

What will you tell me?

You have no words

You become restless

Your eyes are waking

Your words are crying

What will you tell me?

When you feel my absence

Your world become desert

What will you tell me?

I know each and every feeling

That You did not tell me

After we have separated.


Nice Collection Of Sad Poems

From Buddy With Love.