What is it, And what does it do?
Can it be cured, is there a way to beat it?
It’s an eating disorder, and it will kill you,
It can be cured, It takes time, there is a way to beat it

It ruins your insides and kills you slow,
It gives you a since of relief,
It ruins everything for you, and you as a whole,
It can even ruin your teeth

It’s the worst Of them all,
Killing a different way,
It’s no laughing matter or joke at all,
Many people die each day,

I have had this disorder since I was 12,
I lost 70 pounds in 5 months,
I still see fat when I look in the Mirror,
I’d rather die to get skinny then be fat

I’ve never been addicted,
But this is like a drug,
Something that could be afflicted,
And kill me like a bug

I’m dying each and every day,
I tell everyone i stopped,
I wanna believe it to my self today,
But I don’t have the heart to stop.

I’ve never met anything so easily opened up to,
Something I could easily cling to,
Someone I could get a sense of relief from,
But kill me at the same time

My body is weak like a wilted rose,
I bruise oh so easily,
I get dizzy and cold like I’m gonna faint,
And still have the urge to give into to this

If my dad were alive he’d beat my ass,
There would be no bulimia,
Better yet no me,
Because he kill the both of us for me

Never get started with this addictive Disease,
It will to take over you,
Take it from someone with experience with this disease,
This is what bulimia is.

A Poem By Cailey Holcombe(Visitor).


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Mind Drained

I fall to the ground.

I don’t want to face the fears

that I must to get back up.

I’m traped in all this darkness.

All you hear is screaming and

my echo of blood dripping.

I need to be saved from this burning hell.

I’m drained.

It’s as if I’ve lost my mind.

But how, I must solve.

I might just dissolve.

As I find to stuggle my way through this buring hell…

After all this darkness

There’s just more and I drop dipper with in.

Nice Poem By Stevie(Visitor).


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Sweet Poems About Life

What is Life

What is Life?

A drama of passion,

In which we are dressed

to act our roles God gave us

And only our graves hide us

from the audience and sun

And its the time to draw curtains

and finally the play is done.


Path Of Life

She was full of joy full of life

Till she knew the real life

She walked and walked

On the path of life

With her loved ones

on her both sides

But one day while she walked

She stepped on the thorns

Then she came to know that

She walked on the path of pain

And life is like a painful thorn.


Heart Touching Collection Of Poems About Life

From Buddy With Love.

Its Life

Today I am asking myself

Why am I alone?

I am surrounded by the crowd but

Why am I alone?

I walk with millions of people but

why am I alone?

I used to sit in the gatherings but

Why am I alone?

I have each and every thing in my life but

Why am I alone?

I consider myself complete but

Why am I alone?


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From Buddy With Love.