You Are The One

You Are

The one I love with all my might.

The one I’m thinking of tonight.

The one that helps me make things right.

The one I dream of when I sleep at night.

The one I think of when I hug my pillow tight.

The one I’m not giving up without putting up a fight.

You are the one I LOVE.


Hot Collection Of Love Poetry

From Buddy With Love.

Dance With Me

Dance with me in love,

Dance with me in joy,

When did this love begin?

The day we became man and wife,

Sharing dreams, passions, and desire,

Building each other up when we fall,

We have learned to say I’m sorry,

And I love you through it all,

Our two hearts beat as one,

Cherishing what we have from above,

Dance with me forever,

Dance me to the end of love


Nice Collection Of Love Poetry

From Buddy With Love.

Imagine The World

A Hot Short Poem

You Love Me,

I will always love you too,

And if they all loved like,

You and Me,

Imagine what the

World could be.


Sensual Collection Of Love Poetry

From Buddy With Love.

Love Me

A short Poem

I am not asking for pearls,

I am asking for the world,

I am just asking to love me real,

and just call me ur baby girl.


Lovely Collection Of Love Poetry

From Buddy With Love.

I See Deep Love

A Lovely Piece Of Love Poetry

In your sparkling eyes I see deep love for me

In your eyes I am anything you want me to be

In your heart I will always be

Because you are a part of me

I always keep a smile upon my face

I feel joy when in your embrace

Always keep me in your arms

I know you will always keep me safe from harm

From your eyes I can see the stars

When I look at the moon, i feel it near

In your eyes I feel you want me close

Love like ours is so very rare.


Best Collection Of Love Poetry

From Buddy With Love.

With Your Smile

With your smile,

Warm as a summer sun,

With your eyes hypnotic,

Like water navy,

With your sweet lips,

Beneficial as honey,

With your smiling face,

As moonlight,

With your skin scented,

Subtle essences,

With your heart where love,

Reign permanently,

With your elegance, your beauty,

Your charm, your kindness,

You have won in a waltz,

Of love that endures.

Years of recognition,

In love, happiness,

In harmony, our hearts,

Sets for life.


Sensual Collection Of Love Poetry From Buddy.

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The Man I Dream

At you the man I dream

the man I love,

I love you, as a tear shed,

beyond the thousand and one stars

in the sky.

I’ve seen such a shower of shooting stars,

fell on my eyes dazzled.

Should I forgive?

I want to say yes to all

live at your side,

I would like stolen kisses,

an eternity beyond reality.


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A True Smile

There is so much more to share

With exchanges smiles with the bodies.

Smiles express inner joy…

While the body become bored.

Laughter is … thank you. The body is still ….

From all this what would you share?

I much prefer the smiles.

Because I can make treasures.

A smile is also the body.

Note that both can well afford.
A true smile is a form of expression.

When … a beautiful body can be a plastic.

Plastic that changes shape with time.

The smile it changes … but not wearing it.

I do not want to change your logic

My pleasure lies in the reflection.


Nice Collection Of Love Poetry From Buddy.

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Miss U

I would cross a thousand oceans

just to hold you tight.

I would climb a thousand mountains

just to be with you every single night.

My Dear I miss you so much.


You make me smile

you make me dream

you make my day

you make my hope

You make life worth living


All these things for me you do