He’s Always There

Every Shooting Star Has A Light,
I Wish Upon At Night,
Every Angel Has A Mission,
To Answer Every Wish, Wishen,

I Wish I Could Find The Right Guy,
One Who Won’t Always Make Me Cry,
Who’d Never Let Me Go,
Tell Me How Much They Love Me And Always Let Me Know,

I Wonder Why Things Go Bad,
Why People Get So Sad,
Why Things Aren’t Always Good,
And Don’t Go Like They Should

I Lay In Bed At Night,
Knowing Things Aren’t Right,
Wondering If It Will Be Okay,
Maybe It Will Soon Someday,

I Get Happy, I Get Sad,
Things Get Good, Then They Get Bad,
I Never Understood,
And I Knew I Never Would,

We Have No Money,
It’s Not Even Funny,
But A Place To Stay,
And Pray To Make It Through Another Day,

I Am Such A Mess,
Only Full Of Stess,
Always Wrong,
Trying To Stay Strong,

Maybe Things Will Soon Go Well,
This Past Year Has Been Hell,
Things Seem Get Just As Bad,
Leaving Me Very Sad,

Things Go Good,
Finally Like They Should,
I Ask God Why Did He Do That For Me,
He Replied, You Deserve It Your The Strongest Girl A Girl Should Want To Be

God Changed Me In Many Ways,
And Through All Of My Days,
When I Need An Ear,
He Is Always Here

Submitted by Cailey Holcombe (Visitor)

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In Love With Someone?

Are you in love with someone?
Is this an amazing feeling?
Definitely you are seeking the interesting ways to impress him.
Its natural, everyone wants to be close to his/her beloved.
It’s a blessing of God when we love someone and we receive the same warm feelings.
Speak out whats in your heart, Its very important for the relationships. Its necessary, not only for you but him also. People are lucky who have someone to love. The love relation is just like a mirror you have to clear it every day so you can see a vivid image; the love poetry clear your heart so you can see your beloved face in your heart.

Though there are lot of ways to show love but the best way is to express your love through love poems for him. These poems are full of love and happiness. One special thing about these poems is that they absorb your love and when somebody read these poems; the warmth of your love will melt his heart. From far history to recent period love poems have been a famous and successful way to convey love message to your beloved.

The poets of these poems are also lovers, they know the taste of love, they know the harshness of being apart, that is the reason why these love poems for him are so attractive and sweet to read and listen. You can chose the love poem for him and dedicate it to on his birthday or wedding anniversary. But you can also send these poems on any occasion.

The flow and combination of words in love poems is remarkable. You will love and enjoy reading these poems. You can read couple of poems and write down your favorite poem. You can have your own favorite collection of sweet poems, which you can send and dedicate to him whenever you want. If you dedicate poem everyday still the charm and beauty of these poems will remain the same.

Cute Collection Of Love Poems For Him From Buddy With Love.

Love Poem – I Saw You

When I was walking in a way to home

I saw you coming from far away towards me

I was all over, When you came close to me

I was completely lost and just kept on seeing


After some days, I saw you again in the same way

My heart was full of joy and had nothing to say

The way we met was so hilarious and discomfited

I was glad at that moment but felt something not good


I didnt know what you are and where are you from

I didnt know how I control myself and my heart…

I hope you speak and smile one day

We will become friends and lovers that day…

Nice Love Poem By Sakshi Ghimire(Visitor).


Sweet Collection Of Love Poems For Him From Buddy With Love.

I Am Waiting

I know you are not perfect

I know you are not so nice as I think

Then why is this happening?

please tell me what’s this?

why i feel all those things?

I know you are not that perfect man for me.

with whom i can share everything.

But why am I telling you all these things that I want to share…

you are not the one…

Why am I seeing dreams of you…

if you cant be mine,

stop coming in my dreams…

I know you are not so good…

Then why I am thinking you are the best

why am I mad upon you?

I am just waiting for the day when you’ll be mine…

I am madly, badly, just waiting for the day…

I am not so weak as you think…

That day will come…

I am waiting and watching…

Sweet Love Poem From sakshi ghimire(Visitor).


Cute Collection Of Love Poems For Him From Buddy With Love.

Never Let You Go

Did you see how dark the skies were

when you said IT`S OVER.

Did you see how true your lies were

Did you see how hard I tried

to let you go…

to wish you luck.

Did you hear my heart cry

as you left me alone.

I have drown in my sorrow.

I guess u didn`t.

I guess wouldn’t…

Nice sad Poem By Innocentia(Visitor).


My Love

The laughter we once shared is no longer there

only tears and heartache left.

Why are we holding onto something long-dead?

Why do we keep on hurting each other?

Time to let go…

Time to set each other free

from the captivity of our dead love.

But Remember one thing

My love will again come to life.

Cute Love Poem By Innocentia(Visitor).


Great Collection Of Love Poems For Him From Buddy With Love.

Like A Candle

Like a candle bright yet dying

Each day with you is not worth trying

Seconds pass when your not here

I can feel your love so warm and near

I cant take the seconds passing

Its more like days of dying

I make it last with time and time

All I do is close my eyes.

Nice Poem By Marina(Visitor).


A Cute Love Poem For Him

Who can I be without you

You take care of me when i am sad

You say I love you and I know you mean it

I will never be anything without you

Before you I was lonely and depressed

but with you i am very happy

If you go, I dont know

What would I do

But I know

I love forever and always…

Sweet Love Poem By lukas wilson(Visitor).


Great Collection Of Love Poems For Him From Buddy With Love.


You smile when the cam goes click

The sad thing is you know your reality isn’t like this

When the cams gone

and all is finish and done

you go back to being unhappy


Hating your life  because nothing feels right

You feel like your always get in a fight

Defending who you are or where you have been

because people think you live in sin
Hoping if you change, people will love you

and not frown at everything you do

all you want is to feel loved and safe

and be in a happier place
Then someone gets the cam out

reality is put aside

and you smile, altho your dieing inside.

A sad Love Poem By Sarah(Visitor).


Great Collection Of Love Poems For Him From Buddy With Love.

Starting Today

Starting today,

Everything isn’t the same.

Our past is hidden in a shadow of shame,

Present day is corrupt,

Our future is messed up.

Starting today,

Everything isn’t the same.

Tears coming from your eyes,

hearts broken by surprise,

our love slowly dies.

Starting today,

Everything isn’t the same.

A Sweet Love Poem From Gavin(Visitor).


Borrow me your breath,

Borrow me your soul

but not for a minute…

Not for long

I’m insignificant.

My soul seems like raped

I need your help, need your fate

My heart is made of thousand nothings,

I’m only one breath away from what you looking for in me.

A Cute Love Poem From DBNzD(Visitor).


Nice Collection Of Love Poems For Him From Buddy With Love.

Painful Love

They say that the heart doesn’t feel

what the eyes doesn’t see

But we feel everything but yet we see nothing

And still we shed tears of promise

to hold on to that love cause our heart says to stay

cause it hurts much more when it says to let go

so we decide to stay wit that person and hurt each other

till one of us can’t take it no more.

A Poem By Kidd(Visitor).



When ever I show you love

The only thing you do

is to suffer and hurt me too


When ever I show how much

I care for you

You never pay attention


When ever I need you

You never hear me


A sweet Poem By Chatari(Visitor).


Cute Collection Of Love Poems For Him From Buddy With Love.

I Found Him

I left you,

Long before I walked out the door,



And confused

I lost myself in you

Not for love

but for making you happy,

I made you more

While I became less.

Now I have found him,

And love!

And He makes me more,

No longer am I lost,

Never confused.

And in turn,

I make Him more too,

We are a harmony and melody,

Forever intertwined as one,

I would be lost without him,

But so would He.

We complete each other,

He makes me whole.

I make him whole,

We heal each other,

Move forward together,

One whole we are,

not broken.

This I see,

is what love should be!

What a thing to miss in life!

A Cute Love Poem For Him From Love Bug(Visitor).


Sweet Collection Of Love Poems For Him From Buddy With Love.