You Are My Love

You are my love,

You illuminates each moment of every day,

But when you are not here,

I constantly think of you, night and day.

When I cant see you,

I have no life,

It makes no sense,

And when you are there,

All is well!

You are my love,

I want to be with you every day,

Able to hold you in my arms,

And I want you.

This poem is a proof,

How much I love you,

And to tell you how much you mean to me,

I love you!

Its Just Like Heaven!

I ll never let you go

In good days

Or bad

You ll always find me smiling

standing beside you like a wall

Its just because of you in my life

I thank God each day

each moment

When I open my eyes and see you

right beside me all the time

Looking at me with love

With the shiny eyes

filled with brightness of stars

I enjoy your smile of happiness

the joy of love

your taste of lips

Your way of starring at me

and demanding for love

Its magical

Its just like heaven…


I Believe in You

Its All About you
And the things around you
when others see the worst in you
But I see the best in you
When others look at you from the negative angle
I see you swimming in the positive angle
I believe in your rising and falling
I believe in your smile and tears
I believe in your sorrow and happiness
Ibelieve in our embrace so simply for me to say
I will Always Believe in you.

A Poem submitted by Justin
Submitted on Oct 01, 2011.

He’s Always There

Every Shooting Star Has A Light,
I Wish Upon At Night,
Every Angel Has A Mission,
To Answer Every Wish, Wishen,

I Wish I Could Find The Right Guy,
One Who Won’t Always Make Me Cry,
Who’d Never Let Me Go,
Tell Me How Much They Love Me And Always Let Me Know,

I Wonder Why Things Go Bad,
Why People Get So Sad,
Why Things Aren’t Always Good,
And Don’t Go Like They Should

I Lay In Bed At Night,
Knowing Things Aren’t Right,
Wondering If It Will Be Okay,
Maybe It Will Soon Someday,

I Get Happy, I Get Sad,
Things Get Good, Then They Get Bad,
I Never Understood,
And I Knew I Never Would,

We Have No Money,
It’s Not Even Funny,
But A Place To Stay,
And Pray To Make It Through Another Day,

I Am Such A Mess,
Only Full Of Stess,
Always Wrong,
Trying To Stay Strong,

Maybe Things Will Soon Go Well,
This Past Year Has Been Hell,
Things Seem Get Just As Bad,
Leaving Me Very Sad,

Things Go Good,
Finally Like They Should,
I Ask God Why Did He Do That For Me,
He Replied, You Deserve It Your The Strongest Girl A Girl Should Want To Be

God Changed Me In Many Ways,
And Through All Of My Days,
When I Need An Ear,
He Is Always Here

Submitted by Cailey Holcombe (Visitor)

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Only Buddy © 2012

My Dear Dad

Missing You My Dear Dad,
The Thought Of It Makes Me Sad,
Tears Getting My Shirt Soaking Wet,
Happiness Isn’t Found Just Yet,

Praying To God I’ll Be Okay,
Knowing Tomorrow Will Just Be Another Day,
Full Of Sadness, Full Of Gloom,
Locking Myself Away In My Room,

Writing It Down, Writing A Note
I Found Your Warm & Comfty Coat,
It Still Smells Just Like You,
It Was Your Very Favorite, Too

Met A Guy Who Didnt Treat Me Good,
I Only Did What I Thought I Should,
He Opened My Eyes, And Made Me See,
The Bastard He Really Is, An Will Always Be,

Day After Day, Guy After Guy,
Tear After Tear, Lie After Lie,
Always Asked And I Say “I’m Fine.”,
When Really Deep Inside I’m Dyin’,

Here Comes Another Day,
And All I Have To Say,
Is I’m Given Up, And Not Gonna Try,
Hurting My Family, Making My Mama Cry,

Music Is Blaring,
Eardrums Are Tearing,
Should Be Asleep, To Much In My Head,
In The Most Uncomfortable Bed,

Met Another Creature We Call “Boys.”,
Looks At Me And The Others As “Toys.”,
If They Aint Sweet, They’re A Douche Bag,
And If They Ain’t Straight, They’re A Fag,

Soon I Met Someone I “Thought.” Was Gonna Be Great,
Only Thing That Kept Us Together Was Fate,
Oh, That Dirty Piece Of Trash,
Now He Can Kiss My Country White Ass

It’s 3:25 A.M, I Better Get In The Bed,
This Bed Ain’t To Comfortable But I’m Thankful I Have A Place To Rest My Head,
All This Stress On My Shoulders, It’s To Much To Tote,
Love Always, And Remember I’ll Always Be Your Little Tugboat.

Goodnight Dad.

Submitted By: Cailey Holcombe (Visitor)

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Everyone Is Beautiful

I’ve lied to everyone I know,
I’ve kept it all inside,
My eating disorder doesn’t even show,
It’s became easier and easier to hide,

I wanna loose more weight,
But I just can’t do it the right way,
I wish I could just loose the weight,
And maybe as skinny as possible someday,

I don’t know what to do,
I’m gaining weight to much,
I don’t have anyone to talk to,
About my eating disorder and such

I know I need to let go,
But I’m just not ready to do so,
I’m known as the bulimic girl,
Who doesnt have a care in the world,

I’m only 16 years old,
Telling things that’ve never been told,
Fighting bulimia for now almost 5 years,
Talkin about it has almost got me in tears,

I know this isn’t the right way,
If I keep on I’m gonna die soon, one day,
It calms me down, and Takes away my pain,
Without it I’m nothing, I go insane,

I feel like I have no one,
Thinking to myself what have I done?
This eating disorder taking over me this very day,
Is pushing everyone close and all I have away,

I just can’t be without it,
I don’t recommend anyone try it,
I don’t want anyone to end up like me,
So obsessed and worried as can be,

Scales, calories, numbers, always FAT,
My life, only people like me worry about things like that,
Rumor has it it’s all in my mind,
Making it where when I look in the mirror I’m “blind.”

Everyone is BEAUTIFUL,
Don’t believe anything you don’t see,
God made us all different,
And thats ALL we’ll ever be

The bulimic girl.

Submitted by Cailey Holcombe (Visitor)

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For My Mom

How will it feel if I lose you.

I took stress so much i can hardly breath at one point.

I cant eat without wanting to throw up.

I cant sleep without crying my eyes out.

Why did you have to get sick?

When you leave how will i breath.

Without you there is no me.

Please hold my tight mommie and tell me everything will be alright.

I find myself sitting up in the middle of the night, crying.

You said,”just pray, i am i’ve been.

Can anyone fix my broken heart?

Can anyone take away your cancer?

After you I ll be one lonely girl till God takes me.

A Nice Love Poem By Asia Thompson(Visitor).

Missing You And Your Words

When I get them everyday,

I want them to go away…

But when it really went away

I wish it came back again everyday…

But I know this is not the way

As it will get in your way…

I miss you and your words everyday

And I do not want them to go away…

It is really a tough way.

I know not which way

Is the right way…

But this is the only way

To live & walk the right way…

So as not to get in your way

It is the best way …

To make all the sweet memories go away.

Nice Love Poem By Carole(Visitor).

The Light Of Day

It was so cold in the light of day,
We just sat by the bay,
When he said,”we are done.” and walked away,
I cried and cried submerged in grief,
Oh how i missed him,how long I weep,

It was so cold in the light of day,
I thought i saw death coming my way,
Like a lone wolf longing for a mate,
I thought I lost a piece of me,
Now i encountered someone new and free,

It was so cold in the light of day,
Now I know it’s no longer that way,
He knows how i feel,
He’s so sweet and kind,
Now that i found him hes all mine.

Nice Love Poem By Jazmyn Holguin(visitor).

First True Love

You approach me differently and caught my eye.

You caught my attention, I don’t know why

You were so sweet, you made me smile.

My first real boyfriend, so romantic so wild

You took me on my first date,

And made sure I had a good time…

It was really great, just like old wine

I miss your true love,

I’ll never find anyone like you…

Only you are my first…true love.

I wont forget you, our past, our son,

the present, the future that has not begun.

One day I will have you, my first…true love.

Nice Love Poem By Elisha Zimmerman(Visitor).