Love Is Everywhere

Love can makes you smile.

Love can makes you happy

Love can makes you satisfy

Love is everywhere

Even in a thousand miles.

Love let both feelings deeper.

Love decides wishes of every partner.

Love put two bodies closer.

Love Message

Being intensely loved by the special person

provides strength, while loving someone very

special deeply provides courage.

Love Quote

You can shut your eyes to all those

things you dont wish to view,

but you cannot close your heart to

the things you do want to feel.

Love Quote

Love is the only thing that can make you

smile when you are all tired.

I Believe

I do believe that God above,

Created you for me to love.

He chose you from all the rest,

Because He knew I would love you the best.

I am Falling In Love

Words just can not express,

How much you mean to me.

It is hard for me to show it,

so you may never see.

Although you will never know this,

Everything I say is true.

Although I will probably never let it show,

I’m falling in love with you.

I Hate To Live Without You

I hate to live without you,

It makes me want you more.

I love it when you hold me,

And look into my eyes.

I love to feel your body,

When its pressed against mine.

I love to wake up in bed next to you,

All curled up in your arms.

Where I know you’ll keep me safe,

From all kinds of harm.

Every time I am with you,

There is a constant smile on my face.

The piece missing from my heart,

You have somehow replaced.

Be My World

You are not only my way to happiness,

You are happiness for me.

And I know you respect my feelings,

That makes me want nothing but you.

Sit beside me and b my wife,

Help me to sail through this journey of life.

Be yourself and b my world,

For I want nothing but you.

Funny Love Poem

You are the one I will keep till I die,

You climb into my arms with a melodious sigh,

You rub against my neck with a fur so soft,

You are so nice and sweet,

Rubbing against my feet,

You are my kitty,

So cute and pretty.

Still Love You

I may not say it every day,

but I love you more and more each day.

I may not be good at saying romantic words,

but I do love you.

Even though you ate my chocolate bar,

I still love you.