New Love Messages For You

When you chose me

You chose me to love,

To be my friend

To be with me forever

I may not be the best person

But I think I have the best heart


Thats why you chose me

To Love…


When I saw you

I saw my life before my eyes

Before I saw you

It was loneliness and

A sadness around me

When I saw you

My life has started again

I saw you and me

Turned into us

And our strangness

turned into love.


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Enlighted Love

When our thirsty eyes met

There was a shiny little spark

I felt, enlighted love

So I really wanted to ignite

the spark between us

I really wanted to stand

beside you

I wanted to tell you

I think about you all the time

Wanted to share all the feelings

I know its a true love

With no artificiality

With no greed

Just you and me

And no other

Our love is a survivor

If we die

It will live

in people hearts and mind

And Live Forever.

A Nice Love Message By Luke(Visitor).


Sweet Collection Of Love Messages From Buddy With Love.

Your True Love


I found you

I found my life

My days and nights

are for you forever

My face reflects the

light of joy and happiness

I feel your love

in the palm of my hands

When you hold my hand

With extreme passion

and I wrapped it all around me

It feels like magic

Like a romantic poetry

Like a blessing of God

I want to keep it

With me forever

I am the only

one who found

your true love

All my loneliness

And crying

has been grounded

Now my heart is

truely smiling


My soul has been



Sweet Collection Of Love Messages

From Buddy With Love.

Sad Love Messages For You

Depression is like having a busted piece

of glass get stuck in your arm.

You don’t want to take the glass out

because you’re terrified of more

pain it may bring so you stitch over the wound.

What you didn’t know was that while the stitches

heal the glass digs deeper into your arm.

Slowly closing to your vein looking for the

fastest way to enter your heart and cut it so

deep it will always leave a mark.

Sweet Sad Love Message From Kona(Visitor).


Cute Love Message

I thought that you are mine,

But my heart was wrong oh how bad it was,

It’s very hard to know that you love someone

and there get a dry sea with out water,

Why the nature plays with us everyday,

Is it a way to break a heart,

I had thought that my love would give you strength

But what to do if my love was not enough for you.

Sweet Love Message From Rini Mathur(Visitor).


Touching Collection Of Love Messages From buddy with love.

Love In My Heart

I know that thousands of words

are not enough to tell you

my heartly feelings, my emotions,

my passion towards you,

So I want you to see my

feelings, my emotions and

my passion in my eyes,

and through it in my heart.

I wish you could read my face

and come to know about

what I want to say…

Darling I want you to

stay with me like my wife


I love you so much…


Nice Love Message

Love is like a stream of energy

who ever falls in love, feels

that energy flows through out

the body and life changes into a fairy tale

it seems like we get the power,

passion, happiness, eternity

and wealth of all world.


Fall In Love

The greatest refreshment

after a hectic and boring life

is to fall in love with some one.

You feel like you are going

through the process of rebirth

and a new life starts for you.

So experience the process

of rebirth and make yourself

madly fall in love with some one.


Sweet Collection Of Love Messages From Buddy With Love.

Love Message For You

No one can take your place

You remain special and precious

for me in all my life.

You are my ten out of ten person

I only want love and attention from you

I know you dont need me

and your life go on perfectly

without me…

But whenever you feel alone

and want someone’s shoulder

to cry on, then do call me

I will be there in that instant

and become your sheild

against the horrible things

in your life. I will seek

love and kindness in your

heart, for sake of your

own survival, because no

one can live with out Love

and companionship.


Nice Collection Of Love Messages From Buddy With Love.

Love Is My Life

Love is my life

My beloved is my life

It seems like dead

without her.

I love her because of

her deep eyes,

Her deep thoughts,

Her clean heart,

Her beautiful hands,

Her peaceful mind,

Her smiling face,

Her curved shape

Her soft touch.

All her beauty is for me

All her thoughts are for me

All her happiness is for

Me only.


Love Of My Life

My smile is for your eyes only

My thoughts belong to you only

My happiness is because of you only

My future belongs to you only

My dreams related to you only

My nights are demanding you only

My desires are calling you only

My life is in you only


My Love!

You are only Love of my life.


Touching Collection Of Love Messages

From Buddy With Love.


I can promise you

I would never say goodbye,

I want you to give me the chance

to make your feelings and heart fly

I never deny that I need you

because you are the cure against

my fear and my pain,

Nothing comes to my mind

when I’m thinking of you

and when I’m thinking of you

Nothing else matters,

As long as we are together

the fire in my heart

will never fade,

because the feelings that

I have for you are like nothing

I ever felt before in my life.

A Love Message From JoJo(Visitor).


Sweet Collection Of Love Messages.


The Person I Love

The person I love

is actually my

extension, just like

my body part. So if

my extension

is missing I become

helpless and incomplete.

Do you know who

is my extension…


Its you.


Love Message For You

All the objects in the

world are attracted

towards each other

due to the forces of

attraction and it is

called gravity.

But the force of attraction

between two persons

is called Love.


Sweet Collection Of Love Messages

from Buddy With Love.

Be In Love

A Great Love Poem

Without Love

Days are








so be in Love everyday.


Amazing Collection Of Love Messages

From Buddy With Love.