Poem by William Shakespeare

O Never Say That I Was False of Heart

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William Shakespeare wrote many love poems and a series of sonnets which are very popular among lovers. Onlybuddy is collecting some of the best love poems written by different poets. Specific section of our site contains famous poems of various popular poets.

Famous Poem by Shakespeare

My Mistress’ Eyes

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We Are Different

Its not over between us

I hope that you will stay

I know we are different

In so many ways

Life without you

Would be so blue

Just remember

I’ll always love you

Please let’s just

Give it a chance

I just want to have

Our special romance.


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A Famous Poem by Robert Louis Stevenson

Armies in the Fire

The lamps now glitter down the street;
Faintly sound the falling feet;
And the blue even slowly falls
About the garden trees and walls.

Now in the falling of the gloom
The red fire paints the empty room:
And warmly on the roof it looks,
And flickers on the back of books.

Armies march by tower and spire
Of cities blazing, in the fire;
Till as I gaze with staring eyes,
The armies fall, the lustre dies.

Then once again the glow returns;
Again the phantom city burns;
And down the red-hot valley, lo!
The phantom armies marching go!

Blinking embers, tell me true
Where are those armies marching to,
And what the burning city is
That crumbles in your furnaces!

By Robert Louis Stevenson


Famous Poems are collected from various resources. There are many poems by some old authors which are still popular and used on different occasions. Famous poems belong their respective authors and here we present such poems because of popularity and demand. OnlyBuddy is offering best collection of Sad love Poems for our special visitors feeling sad and loneliness. We are collecting more and more poems on daily basis for our valued visitors.

Your Smile

Whenever I see your smile

I feel that I can face the world

you know I can do anything

Whenever I see your smile

I see a ray of light

I see it shining bright

Whenever I see your smile

Dear Whenever I see you smile at me.


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It Hurts

You say you confessed

You do or you don’t

And it hurts.

You say it may change

It will or it won’t

And it hurts.

You say you are worth trust

I can or I can’t

And it hurts.

They tell me to change

I don’t and I fail

Cause it hurts.

They tell me to trust

I shall not and I fail

Cause it hurts

They tell me to smile

I can’t and I fail

Cause it hurts

You tell me to smile

I try and I do

But it hurts

You tell me to trust

I try and I will

But it hurts

You tell me to work

I try and I shall

But it hurts

You tell me to change

I try and I can

But it hurts

Letter To God

Dad, can I send my letter?

I have written it to God.

It needs to go to heaven

Up in the land of nod.

I hve put it in an envelope

And sealed it with a prayer

And now I have got a simple plan

To make sure it gets there.

I need a gas balloon

I’ll tie it to the string,

Then it can find its way to God:

I know that He’ll be in.

It’s just a little letter

Read it, God won’t mind

That’s why I like to talk to Him

Because He’s very kind.

To Almighty God,

I woud like to say thank you

For everything you’ve done for me

And all you’re going to.

I’m not sure how to end this,

There’s lot I want to say

I want to tell u, we’ll have a chat

At bed time when I pray.


There are angels God puts on this earth

who take care and guide us.

We can feel their love and gentleness

as they walk through life beside us.

God blessed me with a person like that

she loves me more than any other.

And I am thankful I am the lucky one

who gets to call her


The Clouds

The clouds weep droplets,

blue blue.

Their tears of sadness fall on you.

And as the

number fades to few

the brightness of the

sun  shines


In The Countryside

In the country.

Where life is so simple.

Lives a girl with the cutest dimples.

All decked out in sundress and sandals.

Wearing a smile so broad and wide.

Brightening up the countryside.

Always happy and sunny.

Nice personality, cute, and funny.

Always a pleasure to be around.

Cutest freckles and golden hair.

In this small hilly town.