Its All Because Of You

Its all because of you

That all my dreams come true

You are always there to brighten my day

and make me happy in your own special way

You dont know how much I care

Whenever you need me I will be there

No body is special for me except you

I love you so much and its really true.


Sweet Collection Of Dream Poems

From Buddy With Love.


You ask me what since we must part

You shall bring back to me.

Bring back a pure and faithful heart

As true as mine to thee.

You talk of gems from foreign lands,

Of treasure, spoil, and prize.

O love! I shall not search your hands

But look into your eyes.


Lovely Collection Of Dream Love Poems

From Buddy With Love.

My Love For You

A Nice Dream Poem

My love for you, shall never pause,

Strong and determined with no flaws.

It endures and doesn’t judge,

Never holds a lasting grudge.

Generous, loyal, always kind,

To your outer layer blind.

With me u are always nice

My beating heart I must include,

is going to slide.


Amazing Collection Of Dream Love Poems

From Buddy With Love.

I Wish I Could Love You

I Wish I could feel you,

I Wish I could love you,

I Wish I could see you.

I feel as the time has stopped,

And the day never ends.

Minutes are like hours,

And the day is like a month.

How long we need to wait to become one?

Wish I could end this distance between You and Me.

So that we could sit together and live together.


Gorgeous Collection Of Dream Love Poems

From Buddy With Love.

She Whispered In Dreams

She tells her love while midnight sleep,

In the dark hours,

With half-words whispered low

As Earth stirs in her winter sleep

And puts out grass and flowers

Despite the snow,

Despite the falling snow.


Lovely Collection Of Dream Love Poems

From Buddy With Love.


All I ever wanted is  you,

Love, laughter, a pillow for my fears.

I want to give and to be given to.

So I might feel myself flow through the years

Alive in you, the wonder of my tears.


Wise Collection Of Dream Love Poems

From Love Buddy.

In The Mirror

Romantic Dream Poems

In the mirror of a thought

Where the heart is gone

A few words like a jewel

Reflection of a dream poetry

Just for us both in a tempo

Mark on our lives

A rainbow sky

In our bohemian


Large Collection Of Dream Love Poems From Buddy.

Your favorite place of love poems.

A Full Moon Night

A full moon night

A burst of light

Nothing but the gray sky

Marvel at his shadow

My window to clear half

In the light of a moment

A desire covers

A desire raging

Choking sensation

As a person watching

Air discreet, intimidating,

I smoke without hatred or grace

And observes that character

In that obscure

This full moon night.


Amazing Collection of Dream Love Poems From Buddy.

Your place for love poems.

I Dream About You

Lovely Dream Poem

I dream about you in the morning and in night,

I dream us together who never apart,

Its only right,

And deep down inside my heart,

I know that you are there,

But sometimes I just breakdown and cry,

My heart is never bare,

I don’t want to say goodbye,

I just want to tell you how I feel,

I want you to feel the sameway too,

My heart may never heal,

I dream about you,

day and night.


Lovely Collection Of Dream Poems by Buddy.

Letter To God

Dad, can I send my letter?

I have written it to God.

It needs to go to heaven

Up in the land of nod.

I hve put it in an envelope

And sealed it with a prayer

And now I have got a simple plan

To make sure it gets there.

I need a gas balloon

I’ll tie it to the string,

Then it can find its way to God:

I know that He’ll be in.

It’s just a little letter

Read it, God won’t mind

That’s why I like to talk to Him

Because He’s very kind.

To Almighty God,

I woud like to say thank you

For everything you’ve done for me

And all you’re going to.

I’m not sure how to end this,

There’s lot I want to say

I want to tell u, we’ll have a chat

At bed time when I pray.