Birthdays Are Important

Importance of Birthday

People use to talk about birthdays, I never believe in such things. But after a long time I came to this conclusion that such events play an important role in our life and it has a deep relation with people around us. So if people around us are caring and lovely then events like birthdays are just like blessings. Events have no importance but their importance is created by people who always remain eager to celebrate and participate in such events.

Relations and Happiness

If you are blessed with lovely partner who care for you all the time then you must be willing to celebrate every small event of your life with him/her. So it’s all about people around you and they can make your life much happier and easy to spend. Relationships are not limited to become partner in happiness but to remain close at every moment of life, this is called true love and of course love always groom under the tree of friendship.

Birthday – A Day For Your Lover

Birthday is day to spend time with your family and friends, its day to be spent with lover. These people are part of your life and provided you charming memories.

Wishes For Someone Special

So what you can do on your lover’s birthday, first and important one is choosing suitable birthday wish. There are many sites offering them and you can select any wish of your choice. If you are in love with someone then you don’t need to look for wishes around but these will come out of your heart, just try to write some words for your lover and definitely you will be able to write a great birthday wish. Such wish may be of 2 lines but it will have a great importance for your lover and that’s what you need.

Birthday Quotes – A Good Choice

Some people prefer to send birthday quotes in the form of wishes on greeting cards/ email or sms. Such quotes are the wise words on birthday from different people like philosopher, scientists, politicians etc. These quotes are deep in their meaning and that’s why most of the people prefer to choose for wishes. Keep in mind that your lover will not see who said these words in history, but he/she will see who send me these wishes.

Birthday Poems – Make Heart Dancing

Another good choice for birthday party is using birthday poems. Rhythmic words can make your presence at birthday party in a different style and your lover will definitely appreciate it. You don’t need to be good singer but your poem is just like great song for your lover so don’t be shy and hesitant.

You can select your desired stuff here:

Birthday Wishes

Birthday Poems

Nothing Is More Special

On Your Birthday

I am thinking about happiness

You gave me

I am thinking about love

You shower on me

I am thinking about trust

I have on you

I am thinking about care

You have for me

And with all these

You are most precious gift for me.

Nothing is special enough

To give you on this birthday.


Famous Collection Of Birthday Poems

From Buddy With Love.

Birthday Poem For My Wife

Your Birthday reminds me

That I am a lucky guy

Your special day give me

the most beautiful feeling

give me joy and cherish me

I am glad I am with you

celebrating one more day

Cutting cake with you

I want to give you all my life

All my love, all I have

Happy Birthday My beloved Wife.


Heart Touching Collection Of Birthday Poems

From Buddy With Love.

Gift Of God

Filled With Surprises

On this special day

Wish you more pleasure and joy

May each and every moment of the day

Be filled with surprises and rejoices

May God make this day perfect for you

and may all your dreams really come true.


Birthday Wish For Brother

I am so glad to have you

You are gift of God for me

No matter what happened

You are always there for me

There is no other brother like you

I am so thankful that I have you.

Happy Birthday


Heart Touching Collection Of Birthday Poems

From Buddy With Love.

Gives You Joy

May your mood happy

and your day bright

At this special day

From morning till night

Hope your birthday gives you

all the happiness and joy

and may all your dreams for

this whole year really comes true.


Heart Touching Collection Of Birthday Poems

From Buddy With Love.

God Bless My Friend

May your face glow in the

warmth of our friendship,

Through out the year.

May God bless you

and keep you in good health

Through out the year.

May God be gracious to you

and brighten your future

Through out the year.

Happy Birthday Dear Friend.


Lovely Collection Of Birthday Poems

For Friends From Buddy With Love.

Its Your Special Day

Its your birthday today,

the day you were born,

you turn a year older,

And I love you

so much and so more,

Its your birthday,

your one special day

Cut the cake and enjoy

go out and have fun,

Be happy and wise

until your next birthday.


Sweet Collection Of Birthday Poems

From Buddy With Love.

My Precious Love

I love you

I ll never leave you

I ll hold you and protect you

You are so special

And precious to me

I ll never wanna lose you

I ll always cherish you

and pray for you

and wanna show on this special day

My deep love for you.



Sweet Collection Of Birthday Poems

From Buddy With Love.

May You Have Many More

Hot Love Birthday Poem

I love you today and

I will love you tomorrow

Just some words

To clear the sorrow

That will never

Leave my heart or yours

May you live long

in my heart

Happy Birthday


Sweet Love Birthday Poem

This birthday marks

another year together

Such happy times,

I couldn’t ask for more,

Spending precious moments,

weeks and days.

With you, my love,

whom I adore.


Cute Love Birthday Poem

Every birthday wish

I have ever made

Really does come true

Each year I wish

I’ll grow some more

And every year

I do…


Heart Touching Collection Of Love Birthday Poems

From Buddy With Love.