We Are Lucky

When we think of you two,

and the ways you brought us here

Our hearts fill with joy and pride

that is always there.

We seldom take the time to tell you today

that we are lucky to have you as our mom and dad,

so we will tell you now what’s in our hearts

You are the best gift we could ever have.


Heart Touching Collection Of Anniversary Poems

From Buddy With Love.

Anniversary Wish

Mom and dad!

I was thinking what’s the best gift I can give to you

So here’s a bunch of wishes for you two

I love you always!

Happy anniversary to both of you!

Happy Anniversary

Bright hopes for the future

May today be filled

with happy memories of the past

and bright hopes for the future.

Happy Anniversary, my dear.

Cool Anniversary Wish

May all the special moments

That set this day apart,

Stay with you long after

As resident of the heart …

And often through the future

May you relive in thought,

Many many pleasures

This happy day has brought.

Anniversary Wish

I wish we can spend

All of our tomorrows

Together with joy

And free of the sorrows

i hope we can get

many many years together

In which love and joy

Both of us can gather

And I pray to the God

To give us the strength today

To learn to pick the thorns

from each others way

And spread flowers of

Love, comfort and pleasure

Happy Anniversary

In Fifty Years

In fifty years together

You have shared so many things

That’s why this very special

Anniversary brings

To you,

a wish that love,

Laughter, fun, happiness too

Will be yours to share throughout

The years ahead of you…

Happy Anniversary

Have a Happy Anniversary

The day that’s filled with fun

And remember the day

That you two became one…

Fiftieth Anniversary

Although fifty years

have passed, some aspects of love

will never change,

they just become stronger

through the smiles and tears.

May this be a very special

anniversary as you look back

on all the great memories

you have shared in your

marriage together.

On Our Marriage Anniversary

A marriage is a special

And a strong bond

That brings two people

Very close in the pond

In the pond of joy

Love, care and smile

That goes a long way

Very far away miles

And today I’m happy

And proud to tell its true

That on our 1st anniversary

I am thinking about you

And all other great times

And things that we have shared

that always matters

Happy Anniversary

From the Day I met you

Till this, right now.

I wud love you forever

And that was my vow.

We made it through a lot

And I know it’s true.

You say “you love me”

And “I love you“, too.

I am thinking you should know

You mean so much to me.

Dear, I love you.

Happy anniversary.