You Make Me Happy

Love is like a moon

That shines and we bloom

Only my eyes can see your beauty

Hide you from others is my duty

You are like a sun to me that shines

My love will never leave your sight

You make my life happy and bright.


Sweet Collection Of Alliteration Poems

From Buddy With Love.

I Am Crazy

Whenever I think about your blush skin

I lose my heart and you win

My love is rising with the rising sun

And now I m mad and craziness has begun

Whenever I see you cry

I felt like i am going to die

Your smile is like a light

Make my day fully bright.


Sweet Collection Of Alliteration Poems

From Buddy With Love.


Beautiful butterfly fluttering by

Beautiful butterfly, up in the sky

Beautiful butterfly, lovely to see

Please pretty butterfly, flutter by me.


A lonely tree


In one lonely ground

One lonely ground


In one lonely city

One lonely city


In one lonely state

One lonely state


In one lonely region

One lonely region


One lonely person


Thats Me…

Love Lily

Between the hands, between the brows,

Between the lips of Love Lily

A spirit is born whose birth endows

My blood with fire to burn through me.

Who breathes upon my gazing eyes,

Who laughs and murmurs in mine ear,

Whom my life grows faint to hear.

Within the voice, within the heart,

Within the mind of Love-Lily,

A spirit is born who lifts apart

His tremulous wings and looks at me.

Who on my mouth his finger lays,

And shows, while whispering lutes confer,

That Eden of Love’s watered ways

Whose winds and spirits worship her.

Perfect Pair

She is a shining star

Spot like a new luxury car

Sitting silently in a bar

Sipping slowly on her brew

Nicely neatly done hair

Short sky blue skirt

Sitting cross legged on a tall chair

We make a perfect pair