Life Is So Lonely

Why is my life so lonely

Seems like everybody i love or

get too close

leaves me…

Who cares about the quiet girl back there

Who hears her when she pleads for help

There is no one to just listen

Just tell her she matters

Does anyone care that thoughts of leaving this earth

confuse her mind daily?

Cutting her, hurting her,

After that who knows

How does she hide it so well when everyone claims to know her

better then she knows herself

if that’s the case then how could u not see this coming

or did u ever even care???

A sad love poem by Anonymous (Visitor)


Romantic collection of Love Poems For Her from Only Buddy.

You Picked Me

You picked me up from the ground

showed me your love

helped me understand my life

You showed me the different world

You loved me with all your heart

You love me when I am mad

You love me was I am sad

You love me when I cry

You love me when I lost my mind

and have no idea who I am

I know you love me,

you love me with all your heart

and for that I want to thank you

from the bottom of my heart.

A Sweet Love Poem From Betel(Visitor).


You Broke It

I had a solid heart of Gold

which hid inside my ribcage

but you took it out and broke it

into many peices and  I was left

with a broken heart.

I think of you in my day

and most of all in my nights

My body shudders

when you walk by my window sill.

life stood still and I dreamed,

I was on top of a hill.

where there was no one else

But me, trying to mend this broken heart.

A Sad Love Poem From Mark Anthony Peters(Visitor).


Cute Collection Of Love Poems From Buddy With Love.

Who Can I Be – Sad Poem

Late at night as i lay in bed,
As many thoughts rush through my head,
I think about the weak and strong,
I question all the right from wrong,

I wonder who could i really be,
I think of what’s gotten into me,
I hang out with the entirely wrong crowd,
All these thoughts i am thinking out loud,

What is this life i am in?
My head is now beginning to spin,
I pace my room without a sound,
Walking in circles round and round,

All these questions i have to ask,
I can never finish a single task,
My heart is beating really fast,
Asking myself will this really last

Nothing i do feels like it’s right,
Even though i am very bright,
Why does it feel this way?,
The exact same thing every day

So here i am thinking in my head,
All the negative things i’ve said,
This is not the real me,
It definitely cannot be

Sitting here thinking for a while,
I find myself beginning to smile,
All these emotions i have to express,
Letting go of all this stress,

Sitting here in the rain,
Feeling all of this pain,
Like a flower i begin to wilt,
Holding onto all this guilt,

While falling asleep i begin to cry,
Thinking about how hard i try,
As I am beginning to find my way,
I think who am i today

Thinking about all the nights i cried,
Holding all these feelings inside,
Now getting all them off my chest,
Doing good, only hoping for the best,

My life is like a story told,
My heart is something that i hold,
It’s not something on my sleeve,
As many things as i achieve

I think about all the positive things,
Hurt feels like a big bee sting,
Life isn’t something I can find in a tree,
It’s only what’s inside of me

Late at night as i lay in bed,
All these thoughts rushing through my head,
I no longer think about the weak and strong,
Nor do i question the right from wrong.


A Really Nice Sad Poems By Cailey Holcombe(visitor).

Worst Feeling

Worst feeling is not being lonely. It’s being forgotten by someone you could not forget.

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9 Must Read Broken Heart Quotes

Love is handing someone a gun and letting it point to you head, believing that he won’t pull the trigger

Worst feeling is not being lonely. It’s being forgotten by someone you could not forget.

A broken heart is what changes people.

The worst feeling is pretending you don’t care about something, when it’s all you seem to think about.

Best way to not get your heart broken, is pretend you don’t have on.

You can’t break a broken heart.

Hate Broken Heart Quotes

I hate to say it’s over now.

It’s not about who hurt you and broke you down. It’s about who was always there and made you smile again.

I don’t know why they call it heartbreak because it feels like my entire body is broken.


Its Just Like Heaven!

I ll never let you go

In good days

Or bad

You ll always find me smiling

standing beside you like a wall

Its just because of you in my life

I thank God each day

each moment

When I open my eyes and see you

right beside me all the time

Looking at me with love

With the shiny eyes

filled with brightness of stars

I enjoy your smile of happiness

the joy of love

your taste of lips

Your way of starring at me

and demanding for love

Its magical

Its just like heaven…


You Are My Love

You are my love,

You illuminates each moment of every day,

But when you are not here,

I constantly think of you, night and day.

When I cant see you,

I have no life,

It makes no sense,

And when you are there,

All is well!

You are my love,

I want to be with you every day,

Able to hold you in my arms,

And I want you.

This poem is a proof,

How much I love you,

And to tell you how much you mean to me,

I love you!

I Believe in You

Its All About you
And the things around you
when others see the worst in you
But I see the best in you
When others look at you from the negative angle
I see you swimming in the positive angle
I believe in your rising and falling
I believe in your smile and tears
I believe in your sorrow and happiness
Ibelieve in our embrace so simply for me to say
I will Always Believe in you.

A Poem submitted by Justin
Submitted on Oct 01, 2011.

She isn’t Right For You

Why can’t you see the true her,
Can’t you see that she’s just using you,
Why do you wait for her night and day,
Can’t you see that she’s not the one for you.

Just let her go,
let her be,
let her leave you have me.
Just listen to me please.
Baby, I’m trying to tell you something,
I’m trying to tell you that she’s using you.
I’m trying to tell you that she’s trying to get you mad,
o why don’t you understand.
I’m telling you she doesn’t love you like i do..
She’s just playing with your heart
she has nothing else to do.

A Poem by Jasmin (Visitor), submitted on Sep 30, 2011.

Hour of Separation

Ever has it been that love knows not its own depth until the hour of separation.

Author: Khalil Gibran

When you break up, your whole identity is shattered. It’s like death.

Author: Dennis Quaid

To meet, to know, to love, then to part is the sad tale of the human heart.

Author: Unknown



Words and hearts should be handled with care; for words when spoken and hearts when broken are the hardest things to repair.

Author: Unknown

This Break Up


He’s Always There

Every Shooting Star Has A Light,
I Wish Upon At Night,
Every Angel Has A Mission,
To Answer Every Wish, Wishen,

I Wish I Could Find The Right Guy,
One Who Won’t Always Make Me Cry,
Who’d Never Let Me Go,
Tell Me How Much They Love Me And Always Let Me Know,

I Wonder Why Things Go Bad,
Why People Get So Sad,
Why Things Aren’t Always Good,
And Don’t Go Like They Should

I Lay In Bed At Night,
Knowing Things Aren’t Right,
Wondering If It Will Be Okay,
Maybe It Will Soon Someday,

I Get Happy, I Get Sad,
Things Get Good, Then They Get Bad,
I Never Understood,
And I Knew I Never Would,

We Have No Money,
It’s Not Even Funny,
But A Place To Stay,
And Pray To Make It Through Another Day,

I Am Such A Mess,
Only Full Of Stess,
Always Wrong,
Trying To Stay Strong,

Maybe Things Will Soon Go Well,
This Past Year Has Been Hell,
Things Seem Get Just As Bad,
Leaving Me Very Sad,

Things Go Good,
Finally Like They Should,
I Ask God Why Did He Do That For Me,
He Replied, You Deserve It Your The Strongest Girl A Girl Should Want To Be

God Changed Me In Many Ways,
And Through All Of My Days,
When I Need An Ear,
He Is Always Here

Submitted by Cailey Holcombe (Visitor)

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